McDonald’s employee ‘chokes and then punches a complaining customer’

Shocking moment McDonald’s employee ‘chokes and then punches a customer in the head after he complained about cold fries’ in New Orleans

  • McDonald’s worker allegedly choked and punched a customer in New Orleans
  • The customer said he complained about service after sending back cold fries
  • Footage showed the employee confronting the man until he was taken away 
  • When the customer chase after him the altercation occurred at 5pm on Sept 4

A McDonald’s employee was filmed allegedly choking and then punching a customer in the head after he complained about receiving cold fries.

The male, who has not been named, appeared to be restrained by a manager after the incident at a franchise near Canal Street, in New Orleans.

The patron has since said he would ‘like to see that guy in jail’ after the alleged attack at around 5pm on September 4, according to WWL-TV.

He was vacationing with his wife when the issues arose, he claims it happened after moaning about an employee’s response to him sending back cold fries. 

Footage of the incident shows a verbal confrontation escalate after the customer chases after the employee who was heading back behind the counter. 

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The alleged attack happened at a McDonald’s restaurant on Canal Street, in New Orleans, at around 5pm on September 4. It appeared to show an employee choke and then punching a customer, who claims he was complaining about cold fries and bad service

It starts with the two men standing next to the line to order, where the employee says, ‘You gonna get out… Get out,’ and pushes the man.

The customer, who is holding what’s believed to be a container of food, is yelled at again. 

‘You got a problem… Slam you ****,’ he says and then is accompanied away by another staff member.

The man pursues and appears to be slammed against a self-order kiosk, where the worker’s left hand was alleged around the customer’s throat.

He is then claimed to have to hit the man in the head and continues to push him until the altercation is broken up.

The alleged victim, who claimed to be left with bruises and injuries from the scrape, stated he didn’t retaliate to the attack but gave the man attitude.

The customer told WWL: ‘I’m a big, big boy… Bigger than he is, but I didn’t fight back. It was embarrassing. 

‘I didn’t want to leave my wife alone in New Orleans if I went to jail. If this happened to me in McDonald’s what could happen to her on these streets?’

While the customer admitted to having voicing his annoyance during the complaint, he said he cannot condone the violence that followed. 

The man said: ‘If I could make sense of it I’d tell you, but I don’t have a clue. The customer is always right, even if he’s wrong.’

McDonald’s did not reply to a request but in a previous statement the franchise owner said he would be investigating the incident

An eyewitness told the site that the order was made incorrectly two or three times by employees. 

The unnamed male claims that the fight occurred after the man was upset over workers forgetting his fries. He added that the incident was ‘crazy and bizarre.’

‘It’s definitely not acceptable the guy definitely needs disciplining in some shape or form,’ he said.

Police were called but as of Tuesday no charges or arrests had been made and the employee was still working there, according to WWL. 

Chris Bardell, franchise owner of the fast food restaurant located on the edge of the French Quarter, replied to the site with a written statement.

‘The behavior seen in this video is not what I expect from my employees, we are conducting a thorough investigation of this incident,’ he wrote. contacted McDonald’s Corporation and New Orleans Police Department for comment but did not hear back upon time of publishing.

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