Meditation teacher claims hangover cure ‘takes just 11 minutes to work’

A man claims to have invented a hangover cure that will get you feeling back to normal in just 11 minutes.

And he goes on to say that with his method, you will even start to notice its effects as soon as you start.

Meditation teacher Rory Kinsella says it can take just a few minutes to feel better.

Speaking to Nine news in Australia, Rory from Sydney, said he uses ancient techniques.

He said: "’Taking a few minutes to reset and recharge will make you feel a lot better.

"And you never know, you may even end up feeling good enough to do something productive with your day.

"Meditation can help ease the psychological suffering so we’re left with just the much more manageable physical side."

His 11-minute instructional video explains: "When we get hungover, many of us beat ourselves up over the state we’ve gotten ourselves into.

"The best way of making ourselves feel better is to drop any feelings of guilt or shame.

"A late night binge can feel like you’re taking a step backwards but rather than portraying it as something terrible, just see it as a small bump in the road."

With his calming voice Rory tells those listening, the session could take place any where, just make sure you are sitting comfortably, or you could even lie down.

He even says if you fall asleep, that’s good too, as "sleep is a great hangover cure".

He goes through some very gentle stretching, before asking you to acknowledge how your body is feeling.

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