Meet ‘world’s most modified youth’ who’s had more than 40 operations

A young man has proclaimed himself he "world’s most modified youth" after having more than 40 operations and 150 tattoos.

Australian Ethan Bramble started changing his body 10 years ago when he got his ears stretched at the age of 11.

He hasn’t stopped making alterations since, which he admitted made him appear a "weird looking dude".

The 21-year-old told Australian media he is often stopped on the street to explain his unique look, especially from women.

But he compared his choices to putting on make-up and painting fingernails.

Ethan, who lives on the New South Wales Central Coast, admits he has an "obsession" with ink having worked in tattoo shops for eight years, and now sports around 150 patterns, including on his eyeballs.

And by the time he was 17, Ethan said he started to take an interest in heavy modification because he “liked the way it looks”, Australian media reports.

Procedures Ethan has undergone include a tongue split, nostrils ‘punched’, where the nose is pierced either side, and having his bellybutton removed, it was reported.

Today, Ethan has gained an army of more than 65,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram, with many fans of his manufactured look.

Ethan told Australian media outlet : "Girls especially come up to me on the street and ask, ‘Why? Just why?’

“And I ask, ‘Why do you dye your hair? Why do you put makeup on in the morning, why do you paint your fingernails?’

“It’s the way you want to look, your appearance and I’ve always been a strong believer in you shouldn’t really judge people in the way they look – the end product is 100 per cent worth the torment, if you’re committed to it.”

Ethan revealed the "most intense" modification he is yet to receive was when he had his tongue split when he was 17.

He said he was unable to eat or drink in the days following the procedure, which he described as "five days of near-death".

He said having his eyeballs tattooed was the "scariest thing" he had ever done as he explained there was a chance of blindness if you moved during the procedure.

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