Meghan Markle and Prince Harry felt ‘edged out’ of royal family claims author

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s "rockstar" personalities threatened to "overshadow" the Queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton, an expert has claimed.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers, which details Harry and William’s relationship, said the British Royal system was "particularly cruel to the spare."

He said Prince Harry came to realise he was "typecast" as the "number two" and came to feel resentment towards the royal family.

The Duke then felt "edged out" by aides who felt Harry and wife Meghan were stealing the spotlight, Lacey claims.

Robert, who is a historical consultant on Netflix series The Crown, said: "The British royal system can be very cruel, and it's particularly cruel to the spare.

"Harry came to realise in his teens that he was typecast as the court jester, the number two.

"The message here is very clear.

"These people are in the second rank. And the people who matter are, look, myself, the queen, Charles, William, and little Prince George."

He added: "I think the underlying message of that is, just remember your place, Harry and Meghan.

"These are the people that really matter in the royal family.

"And you are the backup. And you're trying to play too prominent a role."

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Mr Lacey described Suits star Meghan as a "megawatt woman" who "inspired and transformed" Prince Harry’s life.

She encouraged him to take control, Lacey claims, and the Duke and Duchess quickly became the "rockstars" of the royal Family before they stepped down from their senior roles.

He said: "I think Meghan's a force of nature that maybe Buckingham Palace hasn't worked out how to cope with.

"She is a woman of great conviction."

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