Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘trolling world’ with Archie pic says author

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's are "trolling the world" with their mysterious picture of Archie on his birthday, according to the author of a controversial book about the couple.

Finding Freedom co-author Omid Scobie, who told the Sussexes' side of the story when they split from the Royal Family, discussed the photograph on Heirpod with ABC News producer Zoe Magee.

Omid praised Harry and Meghan for dressing Archie casually in jeans and Nike trainers, in stark contrast to the traditional royal costume for boys in shorts, cotton shirts, and knitted wool jumpers.

Archie, whose full name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, celebrated turning two years old on May 6 and the picture was released to mark the milestone.

Omid said the view of the photo, which only depicted Archie from his back as he gazed up at a bunch of birthday balloons he was holding, was a bit of teasing from Meghan and Harry.

The photograph was also sepia-toned rather than in full colour, adding another layer of mystery.

Omid said: "A lot is happening this week, most notably, of course, Archie’s birthday.

"This was a cute moment, we had not only a new picture from the couple of Archie – in his garden I presume – in jeans and Nikes, which for a royal kid is very welcome because I think sometimes the dress code can be a little too traditional."

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He laughs and continues: "I think as we have come to expect with experience from the Sussexes, it was a photograph of Archie but not particularly clear.

"I think this is their way of sort of trolling the world."

Zoe chips in: "Yeah it was a bit. Tantalising wasn’t it? Like here he is, but you can’t see his face.

"It was still very sweet. They did that when he was first born as well didn't they?

"You saw his hands, or his foot, sort of a little snippet, but not the whole picture."

This comes after Prince Harry was branded "100% American" by his adoring fans in the US after being received with applause and a standing ovation at the Vax Live concert.

Omid said Harry loved the "rockstar vibe" he got when he went up on the stage.

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