Meghan’s author pal slams Andrew for ‘taking no responsibility’ after settlement

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Prince Andrew has been accused of "taking no responsibility" by Meghan Markle's royal author friend after settling a civil sex assault case out of court.

On Tuesday (February 15) the Duke of York reached a "settlement in principle" with his accuser Virginia Giuffre after she brought forward allegations of sexual assault when she was 17, which Andrew has fervently denied.

Author and journalist Omid Scobie has hit out at Andrew for reportedly doing what only elite members of society can do as he suggests a significant portion of the reported £12million settlement will come from the “bank of mummy", although this has not been confirmed.

Andrew has recently sold a ski chalet of his in Switzerland, but Mr Scobie believes the Queen could step in to help her son.

Writing an opinion column in the Independent, Mr Scobie said: “Andrew convincing our head of state to privately cover close to half of the settlement sum in a civil rape case has resulted in a stain on his mother’s legacy in one of the most defining years of her seven-decade reign.

“It also raises the question that if there’s so much disposable private wealth hidden behind palace walls, why should people of this country – many of whom are struggling to heat their homes this winter – continue to dish out an annual contribution to the royal establishment?”

He added: "The thing is, no matter how you try to polish it, there’s no way to hide the fact that HRH-less Andrew continues to swan around taking no responsibility for his behaviour, a taxpayer-funded security team still at his beck and call."

Mr Scobie is best known for co-authoring the book Finding Freedom about Prince Harry and Meghan, who he reportedly is very close to.

The Duke of York is now facing calls to confirm whether he will fund the multimillion-pound cost of his civil sex case settlement and not the public or Royal family.

Andrew’s legal team had previously said they wanted a jury trial to contest the allegations in court but has since opted to reach a settlement with Ms Giuffre.

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The Duke said in a letter, submitted to the United States District Court, that he “regrets his association” with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who Ms Giuffre says sex trafficked her..

Andrew has also agreed to make a “substantial donation” to his accuser’s charity after the pair came to the undisclosed settlement.

The Queen had stripped Andrew of his royal patronage and honorary military roles last month following the case originally planned for trial in the US before the settlement was agreed.

Prince Andrew's representatives and Buckingham Palace have been contacted.

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