Meghan’s sister ‘breaks ankle in car crash’

Meghan’s sister ‘breaks ankle in car crash’ as she launches an astonishing attack on the Palace for not doing enough to help her ‘sad, lonely’ father

  • Meghan Markle’s sister suffered a ‘broken ankle and fractured knee’ following car crash at Florida toll booth
  • Her boyfriend swerved to avoid a car and crashed into a barrier, with Samantha ‘breaking her ankle and knee’
  • Earlier Samantha told reporters she thought Kensington Palace should have done more to her her sick father
  • Comes after Meghan’s  mother Doria Ragland, 61, landed at Heathrow airport in London Wednesday afternoon

Meghan Markle’s sister suffered a suspected broken ankle and a fractured knee in a car crash on Wednesday, hours after she slammed the royal family for not supporting her father after his heart attack.

The bride-to-be’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, was rushed to hospital by boyfriend, Mark, after their car smashed into a concrete barrier after swerving on a road in Florida.

Earlier Samantha launched an astonishing attack on officials at Kensington Palace, accusing them of failing to do enough for her or her father who she said had been left ‘alone’ in hospital recovering from heart surgery.

After last night’s car crash, Samantha’s boyfriend told website TMZ that a photographer’s car veered in front of them – forcing him to swerve left and crash into a concrete barrier.

Mark said Samantha, who has multiple sclerosis, was left with a twisted and backwards-facing foot after striking the windshield and falling to the floor mat.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha Markle was rushed to hospital by boyfriend, Mark, who said they were driving in Florida when they had a ‘paparazzi confrontation’, it was reported 

Samantha tonight slammed Kensington Palace after claiming her father was not offered support following his heart attack. She was earlier accused of being a ‘vulture’ by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

Meghan’s father, 73-year-old Thomas Markle, was in hospital undergoing surgery after suffering a heart attack last week which he blamed on an open letter from his son Thomas Markle Jr in which he urged Prince Harry not to marry Meghan 

It comes as Samantha tonight joined her brother Thomas Markle Jr in his criticism of Kensington Palace after she claimed her father was not offered support following his heart attack.

She also claimed to have had to wire money to 73-year-old Thomas Markle so he could survive.

Samantha, who had earlier astonishingly claimed she was behind her father’s deal to stage photograph with a paparazzi agency, said his condition was ‘life-threatening’.

‘He was upset. He wanted to go. But his doctor had the overruling opinion he needed surgery. So he’s smart enough to know, “this is life threatening”,’ Samantha told The Sun. 

Thomas Markle Jr also told The Mirror: ‘I wrote to Kensington Palace months ago asking for their aid. We’ve all been so overwhelmed by the attention and have found it difficult living under such scrutiny.’

Samantha went on to dismiss reports that Kensington Palace had offered support for her father in Mexico and had not offered to fly him to London early or provide details on how he could get there.

Samantha added: ‘That is not true or he would have been living in his place. He’d have a reliable vehicle. He’d have been with security. I have receipts showing I’ve sent my father money twice by MoneyGram because he needed it.

Thomas Markle Jr also told The Mirror: ‘I wrote to Kensington Palace months ago asking for their aid. We’ve all been so overwhelmed by the attention and have found it difficult living under such scrutiny’

‘There was no actual contact from Meghan and she has not spoken with my father since the heart attack. I don’t know why that is, I’m not blaming her.’   

This comes despite Thomas telling TMZ that Meghan had texted him ‘I love you’ and that she was worried for his health. 

The retired lighting engineer blamed the heart attack he suffered a week ago on an open letter by his son, Thomas Jr, in which he tried convincing Prince Harry not to marry Meghan. 

The 73-year-old had flip-flopped on his decision to not attend the Royal Wedding, saying he did not want to em barres his daughter or the Royal Family after it emerged he staged photographs with a paparazzi agency.

Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland received the royal treatment today as she flew into Heathrow’s VIP Windsor suite before an emotional reunion with her daughter. Pictured: Doria leaving her California house for London on Tuesday (left) and a palace aide collected Doria’s Burberry wedding outfit on Wednesday (right)

After Doria got off the plane, she was driven to the VIP Windsor Suite, where Amy Pickerill was waiting with an immigration officer

He had also suggested that Meghan’s mother, his ex-wife Doria Ragland, should walk down the aisle.

Ms Ragland, 61, received truly royal treatment today as she flew into Heathrow’s ultra-luxurious VIP Windsor suite before being whisked away under police escort.

She landed in London on Wednesday afternoon following a near 11-hour flight from Los Angeles.

The yoga instructor arrived in lieu of Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, who was reported to have said yesterday he can not attend his daughter’s wedding.  

After arriving at Heathrow, Thomas’ ex-wife Doria was given every perk of being a royal as she was greeted at the steps of her plane by a Jaguar, part of the royal fleet, and driven to the private Windsor Suite.

Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, has once again pulled out of his daughter’s big day, revealing that he needs to have major heart surgery this morning

Meghan’s personal assistant, Amy Pickerill, greeted Doria alongside an immigration officer, who quickly stamped her passport, while a place aide collected her bags — including her Burberry wedding outfit. 

Doria’s arrival comes as Meghan’s half-sister Samantha issued a ruthless attack on her.

Samantha astonishingly admitted this week that she was to blame for her father’s deal with the paparazzi agency, as she insisted it was all for the benefit of the royal family – not to rake in cash before the wedding.  

Still, his family members are refusing to rule out that Thomas won’t be able to fly to the UK in time, as royal fans have taken to Twitter to call for Prince Charles to step in and walk Meghan down the aisle on Saturday.  

‘She’s NOT going to tell me I can’t speak about my life’: Meghan’s half-sister faces backlash after launching an astonishing attack on royal bride-to-be 

Royal fans have hit out at Meghan Markle’s half-sister after she launched a stinging  attack on the bride-to-be saying that she has no right to try and censor her.   

Samantha Markle has given a bombshell interview to US media where she insisted she had ‘freedom of speech’ and has every right to speak out.

The mother-of-three, who has given a series of meddling media interviews in recent weeks laid into Meghan amid claims she is upset about her airing her views.

She tore into the future princess just days after wading into the fake paparazzi row when her father staged fake paparazzi shots for money.

Samantha Markle has given a bombshell interview to US media where she insisted she had ‘freedom of speech’

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    In the explosive rant the 53-year-old said: ‘She’s not going to tell me that I can’t speak about my life’

    And she fumed: ‘I’m not going to take it. She’s way out of her league to tell me that I can’t speak.’

    After the astonishing clip emerged royal well-wishers blasted the 53-year-old telling her: ‘The world can’t wait for you to go away.’ 

    The verbal attack came as Meghan’s mother Doria touched down in the UK for an emotional reunion with her daughter as she prepares to meet the royal family for the first time, and preparations continued in Windsor for the big day on Saturday. 

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