Meghan’s uninvited family celebrates wedding with Burger King crowns

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan’s uninvited family celebrate her wedding with breakfast and CROWNS from Burger King after getting up early to watch the ceremony

  • Meghan’s aunt Theresa Markle, 67, and cousin Nick, 38, went to Burger King in Sanford, Florida, for breakfast and picked up the burger chain’s signature crown
  • There was no sign of Meghan’s uncle Fred, 76, her father Thomas’s older brother
  • Fred Markle styles himself Bishop Dismas and leads the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in America, which has one small chapel near his home 
  • Meghan’s mother Doria was the only family member at the wedding after her father failed to attend saying he had undergone heart surgery
  • Her sister Samantha watched at home in Ocala, Florida, with a television crew while her brother Tom Jr had been flown to London by a tabloid newspaper
  • Thomas Markle Sr told TMZ he had watched and said: ‘My baby looks beautiful and she looks very happy’ – and also said: ‘I wish my relatives would shut up.’
  • One Markle who did watch was her father’s first wife Roslyn, 72, who called the ceremony ‘beautiful’, Meghan ‘wonderful’ and Doria ‘proud and lovely’

Meghan Markle’s aunt and cousin in Sanford, Fla., were not invited to the royal wedding – but they did feel like royalty Saturday morning. 

Heraunt Teresa, 67, and cousin Nick, 38, hit a Burger King fast-food restaurant near their home in Sanford, Florida, after the live television broadcast of the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry finished.

They shared a quick breakfast on throw-away plates then left with coffees and Burger King’s cardboard emblem – golden crowns.

Nick even wore one as he went shopping with his mom, while also wearing a $15.95 cat humor t-shirt from e-Bay.

He later told that the family had watched the ceremony live on television but declined to discuss it further.

At exactly the time the Markles hit Burger King in Sanford, 4,300 miles away in Windsor the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their 600 guests were being hosted by the Queen in St George’s Hall, Windsor.

Doing it their way: Theresa Markle, Meghan’s 67-year-old aunt, and the new Duchess of Sussex’s cousin Nick, 38, celebrated her marriage by watching on early morning television then heading to a Burger King in Sanford for breakfast, leaving with coffee and crowns

Not the King: Nick Markle, 38, was one of Meghan’s four Markle first cousins not to be invited, but he made up for it by getting a crown from Burger King

Family member: Theresa Markle, 67, is Meghan’s only surviving aunt on the Markle side but in common with every family member except her mother Doria, she was not present in Windsor for the wedding

Chariot waits: While his cousin Meghan and new in-law Prince Harry were processing round Windsor in their open carriage escorted by the Household Cavalry, Mick Markle crossed a Burger King parking lot

Not Windsor castle, not even White Castle: This is the Burger King outlet in Sanford, Fla, where Nick and Theresa Markle marked the wedding

Errands run: Meghan Markle’s cousin Nick wore a $15.95 ‘cat humor’ t-shirt from eBay as he shopped with his mom at a Dollar General discount store after breakfast

Bargain time: The popular discount chain was the Markles’ final stop before heading home

Stately progress: The Markle outing in Sanford was different from Meghan’s in Windsor, beginning and ending in a Chevrolet Cobalt with missing hubcaps – while Meghan traveled to church in a 1950 hand-built Rolls Royce and left in one of the Royal Family’s open carriages

Royal wave: Meghan waves gracefully as her husband smiles as the procession weaves its way through the streets of Windsor 

 After the ceremony Doria posed for her first photograph as a mother to a princess standing alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen herself

The menu there was slightly different from Burger King’s Double Bacon Breakfast Sourdough King and Hash Browns; highlights included Scottish langoustines wrapped in smoked salmon with citrus crème fraiche, and garden pea panna cotta with quail eggs and lemon verbena. 

While Meghan and Harry had processed through the streets of Windsor in an open-topped carriages escorted by the Household Cavalry, the Sanford Markles headed off in their an aging Chevrolet Cobalt with no hubcaps to a nearby Dollar Tree, leaving with some shopping before heading home.

Missing from the family outing was Frederick Markle, 76, who is one of Meghan’s father’s two older brothers.

Frederick is the leader of the tiny Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church of America, which operates from a tumbledown chapel near the home he shares with Theresa and Nick.

He styles himself Bishop Dismas but it is unclear exactly how many followers he has, and it is certainly fewer than the 40 he reported at the church’s peak in the 1980s.

The couple have another son, David, 35, who lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, with his wife Jackie, 43 and their three sons. He is believed to be a United Stated Air Force veteran who now works in a local school. 

In common with all the Markle relatives – except her father – Fred and David were not invited either.

The only Markle invited to the wedding was her father Thomas, who was supposed to walk her down the aisle.

A sea of smiling faces greets Harry and Meghan as they leave the church after the American-influenced service conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury

St George’s Chapel has posted several royal weddings over the years but many are saying that it has never seen one as diverse and different as this one

Harry looked very emotional at points in the service and several others in the congregation were in tears on their happy day

The newlyweds stare deeply into each other’s eyes after the biggest and happiest day of their lives

More than 120,000 people flooded Windsor today tempted by the chance to see the couple and enjoy the wonderful spring weather

Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, who the star calls her rock, was in tears ahead of her daughter’s big entrance

As her daughter arrived at the altar Doria beamed with pride from her seat 

The retired lighting director had been due to walk Meghan down the aisle but pulled out on Tuesday after allegedly suffering a heart attack.

On Wednesday, he was admitted to hospital where he had three stents inserted and afterwards told TMZ that he was feeling better.

The following day, he told the same outlet that he was ‘honored and grateful’ after Prince Charles offered to step in to give Meghan away in his place.

Markle Sr has not been seen since making an epic 24-hour round trip to Los Angeles last week and has spent much of the past few days in hospital in Mexico.

During his trip to LA, he was seen purchasing a McDonalds and a KFC and briefly visited the home of ex-wife Doria Ragland, 61, to leave two pots of flowers on her doorstep.

Last Sunday, he faced embarrassment after the Mail on Sunday revealed he had colluded with LA-based paparazzo Jeff Rayner, 44, to stage pictures – including shots of him apparently being measured up for a suit at a local tailors.

In fact, the pictures were shot at a nearby party boutique called Moby Eventos with Markle Sr’s measurements taken by bunting salesman David Flores, 17, instead.

Flores told ‘They took maybe 15 minutes. He said he needed a suit and that’s why he wanted the measures but I explained that upstairs [Tuxedos Martinez] is the right place.

‘But they said take the measures here so I did and then they left.’

Brothers: Meghan’s father Thomas Markle, 73, (left) is the youngest of three brothers. Frederick, 76 (center) and Michael, 78 (right) both live in Florida

Contrasting church: Frederick Markle’s Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church of America operates from this tumbledown chapel close to Sanford, Florida. His niece married in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, the church closest to the heart of successive British monarchs and built to be the spiritual home of the Knights of the Garter

Devotion: The unkempt grounds around the church run by Frederick Markle, 77, who styles himself Bishop Dismas, include statues of Christ, a crucifix, and a statue of the Virgin Mary


History: Established 1533 by King Henry VIII after split from Pope

Membership: One million weekly worshipers, millions more nominal attendees

Supreme leader: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Buildings: Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral in London; Canterbury Cathedral, the seat of its most senior cleric; St George’s Chapel, Windsor, where Meghan and Harry married


History: Established mid-1980s by Fred Markle

Membership: Unclear and could be as low as one – was around 40 in the past but has since dwindled.

Supreme leader: Frederick, Bishop Ditmas, Markle

Buildings: One tumbledown chapel church off a country lane in Sanford, Florida. A second registered address is abandoned. A previous church is now under a tollbooth on a new road through central Florida

He added: ‘I don’t know how to take measures. I explained that to him but he said, don’t worry – just do the best you can.’

On Monday, Markle Sr announced he was pulling out of the wedding via TMZ and said he had recently suffered a heart attack, brought on by stress caused by older daughter Samantha Grant’s fondness for trashing her sister in the press.

He also said he wanted to spare Meghan from any embarrassment caused by his antics.

The following day, he told TMZ he had changed his mind but then announced he was pulling out for a second time – leaving Meghan allegedly blindsided by the news.

Since then, he has provided regular updates about his condition from his hospital bed and has said he wants to visit his daughter in London when he recovers.

Markle Sr is still to meet his new son-in-law Prince Harry but is thought to have spoken to the royal, 33, over the phone.

On Thursday, Meghan released a statement confirming her father would not attend and said he needed to focus on his health.

She said that she ‘cared about him’ and her lack of use of the word ‘love’ raised questions on social media over the nature of their relationship. 

Kensington Palace announced on the same day that Prince Charles would accompany the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex down the aisle at St. George’s Chapel. 

After the wedding, he told celebrity website TMZ that the ceremony had been ’emotional and joyful’ and said Meghan had looked ‘beautiful’.


Menu revealed: Guests will dine on Scottish Langoustines, grilled English asparagus and free-range chicken

Guests including the likes of the Beckhams, Clooneys and Tindalls will enjoy canapes and trendy bowl food which will allow people to mingle with one another (above, Scottish Langoustines) 

Elegant: The wedding cake, pictured above, used 500 eggs and will to be served after the wedding breakfast at George’s Hall 

He added: ‘My baby looks beautiful and she looks very happy. I wish I were there and I wish them all my love and all happiness.’

The other uninvited Markles’ approach to the wedding differed from Nick and Theresa’s.

In Ocala, Florida, about two hours away, Meghan’s sister Samantha cashed in by charging an unknown television outlet to watch the wedding with her.

Her boyfriend Mark Phillips suggested to that it had been a five-figure payout.

She was under fire already for repeated attacks on the sister she has not spoken to in years, and also over claims of a car crash during a ‘paparazzi confrontation’ which Florida authorities can find no evidence of. 

Her brother Thomas Markle Jr flew to London and was interviewed by The Daily Mirror, executing a complete walk-back of highly critical comments he had made about his sister and instead telling them he was broad that she was becoming part of the royal family.

Other Markles: Roslyn Markle, Thomas Markle’s first wife, told ‘Meghan looked wonderful and I thought her dress was classically beautiful,’ she said. ‘Doria looked proud and lovely.’

Ready for a broadcast: This satellite truck was the only sign of life outside Samantha Markle’s home in Ocala, Florida – despite her claim to TMZ that she would host a party

Fiery confrontation: Samantha Markle went head-to-head with’s Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain earlier in the week after her father was revealed to have co-operated with paparazzi – who she now claims caused her boyfriend to crash his car, leaving her injured

Two more -low key members offered a classier reaction to the event to

Meghan’s other Markle uncle, Michael, 78, a retired foreign service officer with the State Department, said he was planning to record it and watch when he woke.

He defended his brother saying it was always clear that Thomas adored his daughter.

And Meghan’s father’s first wife Roslyn, 72, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, told she had got up at 3am to watch every minute of the ceremony.    

Speaking exclusively to, Roslyn, 72, described the ceremony as ‘absolutely beautiful’ and heaped praise on the newly minted Duchess of Sussex.

‘Meghan looked wonderful and I thought her dress was classically beautiful,’ she said. ‘Doria looked proud and lovely.’

She added: ‘England is so beautiful and green. The castle grounds are pretty and the people seem lovely.’

Roslyn said her favorite part of the ceremony was when a clearly ecstatic Harry was joined by Meghan at the altar and added that she thought Prince Charles looked ‘handsome’ and proud to be giving the former actress away to his son.

She said she now hopes the couple will go on to have a long and happy marriage, telling ‘I wish them all the best. I hope they go on to have a long and happy union.’

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