Men found guilty of kidnapping, torturing drug dealer

Two men who held a Brooklyn drug dealer hostage for eight hours — while beating him and burning him with a clothing iron — were found guilty on kidnapping and extortion charges Monday.

Jurors reached a unanimous verdict in the trial for Michael Crumble, 34, and Ramell Markus, 35 — finding them guilty on three counts, and acquitting them on a fourth count of carrying a firearm. They face up to life in prison.

The duo — and a third man, Tyrone Burch, who took a plea deal — ambushed Daniel Nieves in December last year and then tortured him for money and drugs, prosecutors said.

Burch recalled burning Nieves’ arms with an iron — while Nieves himself says the men tried to waterboard him.

“Ramell tried to pour water on my face like in a movie torture tactic, like a suffocation tactic,” Nieves testified in Brooklyn federal court. “I pushed it away with my hand. He hit me with the cup.”

After the verdict came down Monday, Crumble and Markus’s family members cried and hyperventilated, then hugged each other outside the courtroom.

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