Met Office issue more snow warnings as Brits warned over ‘extreme freeze’

Brits are enduring a big freeze with some areas seeing icy -20C temperatures.

People have been warned over an 'extreme freeze' as the temperature plunged in Kinbrace, Scotland, in the early hours of yesterday.

Edinburgh has also been told it may struggle to make it over freezing for most of the day.

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for two thirds of the country, with eastern areas of Scotland and England and south-west most affected.

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in place for the east of England, south east and London today.

Scotland and those in western Wales, Cornwall and Devon can expect further chills on Friday.

Moving towards the weekend, Saturday reveals more icy blasts with Wales, north western England and most of Scotland warned of snow and ice again.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the Met Office predicted freezing rain, heavy snow and rainfall to come.

Grahame Madge, a spokesman for the Met Office, said: "We're going to see colder temperatures tonight, whether we get down below (minus 22.3C) I doubt, but it will probably be a bit colder than Tuesday night," he said.

"The cold will begin to ebb away but it will be slow and quite erratic and there are still wintry hazards in the forecast.

"We've got potential for some more snow, heavy rain and also freezing rain."

Brits are bracing for more harsh weather as Storm Darcy sweeps across Britain, primarily hitting eastern parts, London, Scotland and the midlands.

Snow showers continued throughout Wednesday, with 12ft snow drifts causing havoc in some areas.

The big freeze has been met with a health warning with Public Health England urging people to check in on vulnerable and elderly relatives.

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Medics have warned a -10C polar plunge is cold enough to cause heart attacks in extreme cases, and asked people to avoid going outside in the coldest places.

The south east is expected to be hit with Storm Darcy on Sunday and Monday, with 40 to 50mph gusts which could bring further snow drifts.

The cold air from Russia and Eastern Europe is forecast to move across the UK over the coming days, with "significant" heavy snowfall.

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