Meteorite blazes through sky above Florida before ‘huge explosion’ over Cuba

A meteorite was seen blazing through the sky above Florida before exploding over Cuba.

Pieces of the rock fell to earth in western Cuba, where residents said they heard the sound of two large explosions around the time of its landing.

Locals took to social media to share their videos and images of the rock.

Some said the noise sounded like the roar of a plane – while others said the sounds could have been caused by a satellite explosion, reports Sputnik News .

The US National Weather Service of Key West said in a statement on Twitter that it was "receiving reports that a meteor was seen in the sky across the Florida Keys."

They added: "It appears that a meteorite impact occurred in western Cuba, near the town of Vinales, Pinar del Rio, earlier this afternoon."

People took to social media, recalling what they saw and heard.

News journalist for local 10 News, Hatzel Vela said: "Just got this video from a friend who says they think the trail in the sky was left by a meteorite, which shattered windows and made extremely loud sounds."

Some said they heard their windows shatter as the rock made landfall.

Mario Penton wrote: "These are the first images of the meteorite that this afternoon impacted on the area of the mural of prehistory in Vinales, causing a great rumble throughout Pinar del Rio."

Fatima Amador described how there was a "fall of black stone around 7cm after a great noise".

Flavia Sahira added: "I just heard a strange explosion… it vibrated super strong."

Pictures circulating online of the supposed meteorite showed a fairly small rock, with a greyish-white interior and what looked like a charred exterior.

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