Mia Khalifa shuts down trolls over ‘devil’ brand name and hijab video jibes

Ex-Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has hit back at trolls on TikTok who have criticised the Arabic name of her new and compared it to her making porn in a hijab.

The 29-year-old OnlyFans star recently announced she will be launching her new brand “Shaytan” soon – but before she could announce what she would be doing with it, critics already jumped on it.

People made videos accusing her of being "obsessed with Islam" for using the Arabic word for Devil, despite it being the language she speaks.

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They also compared it to her making porn videos in a hijab, which she faced criticism for in her Pornhub days – but Mia claims that wasn't her choice.

In one of the rants, which has gained more than 3,400 likes, the Lebanese-American model wrote a response to a woman who made a video saying: "So is no one going to talk about how Mia Khalifa just launched a clothing brand named "SHEYTAN".

"Her obsession w Muslims is a disease first changing her name from Sarah Joe Chamoun to Mia Khalifa and wearing the hijab in her videos and refusing to apologise."

Mia replied saying the hijab wasn't her choice and that the woman should be calling out the people in the porn industry who made the decision.

Mia claims she has always "denounced it and the predatory porn industry".

In a follow-up video, Mia shut down a troll who commented: "Lol so you're going to ignore the fact that Arabic is such a huge part of Islam? Why not name it Diabla then?"

Mia responded: "I wasn't going to justify these insane ramblings with an actual answer, but why would I name my company Diabla? I don't speak Spanish. I am Arab. I was born and raised in the Middle East. I am Lebanese. I speak Arabic.

"Most of you complaining in my comments have probably never even stepped foot in the Middle East. You probably live in Canada, America, the UK. Shut the f*** up.

"If you have a problem with the name Shaytan. Simply don't purchase it. Don't purchase anything. I haven't even announced what it is yet, so I can't say too much, but simply keep your money. I don't need it.

"If you have a problem with it being used in the name of a company, why don't you have a problem with it being used when? When you're talking about little kids running around misbehaving, you call them Shaytan.

"In Arabic, you call them little Shaytan. What do men call a woman who's walking by wearing a skirt that's slightly too short for their liking? They call her Shaytan.

"Then what do we do? What do women do? We take that word back, we reclaim it and we make it our own, which is the reason I still use the name Mia Khalifa because it is a reclamation. It is my way of reclaiming something that is mine.

"Mia is my dog's name. Khalifa is simply because I love smoking weed. Are you gonna go after Wiz Khalifa with the same vigour that you go after me?

"Speaking of going after me with the same vigour, where is your disdain for the actual production companies that are still producing hijab-fetish content?

"Where is your disdain for the companies that wrote, produced and forced all of this content that you have a problem with? Why is your problem only with me? I think I'm an easy target to hate and that's okay. That's okay. You can, it's okay.

"You can hate me all you want. I can take it. I can handle it. I could not care less about what you think of me because I know who I am. Your opinion is not gonna make or break my business.

"Your opinion is not gonna make or break my opinion of myself. I could go by Sarah or I could go by Mia. It doesn't f***ing matter. I am still me."

Many people have taken to the comments to show Mia support with her new launch and praised her for standing up for herself.

One user said: "Like they are gatekeeping our culture from ourselves ??? No honeyyy."

Another wrote: "Queen!!! U have nothing to apologize for."

A third commented: "Let her name whatever she wants Omg why so much drama."


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