Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine expressed secret fears over superstar's sex abuse claims in 1993 interview

Speaking in a 1993 interview, the former Jackson Five star said: "I love him, but you have to wonder if there might not be some truth in it."

He told the Daily Express he feared that allegations made against Michael by Evan Chandler – who claimed the singer had sexually abused his 13-year-old son Jordy in 1992 – were true.

Just a year later, Michael agreed to an out-of-court ­settlement with the Chandlers – paying £11.5 million to the boy, just over £1 million each to his parents, and £3.2 million for their lawyer.

It comes after further allegations against the King of Pop came to light following the screening of explosive documentary Leaving Neverland at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

It features the singer's former boy companions Wade Robson and James Safechuck who both claim they were sexually abused by Jackson over several years.

The 1993 interview – unearthed in Dan Wootton's column this week – comes just days after Jermaine told GMB he is “1,000 per cent” his brother never molested kids.

He told Piers Morgan: “Michael was tried by a jury and he was acquitted on all of this because there was no real evidence.

“Let this man rest. He did a lot for the world, let him rest. I will say this, there is no truth to this documentary.”

He went on to claim that Michael sharing beds with young boys at his ranch was innocent – saying they were simply “slumber parties” with “cookies, popcorn and fun”.

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