Michelle Obama heartbreak: ‘Extremes’ ex-FLOTUS harrowingly faced in office exposed

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The ex-FLOTUS and Barack are widely considered to have liberalised the US with their policies and time in office, in particular with the Obamacare health system. And although she spent time travelling the world in her role, she was also forced to support people who had endured some of the worst hardships the US had ever seen. Reflecting on her time in office, Ms Obama reviewed all of the people she encountered while First Lady, before admitting she had been “left with hope” for the future.

Writing in her 2018 bestseller ‘Becoming’, Michelle said: “When you’re First Lady, America shows itself to you in its extremes.

“I’ve been to fundraisers in private homes that look more like art museums, houses where people own bathtubs made from gemstones.

“I’ve visited families who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and were tearful and grateful just to have a working refrigerator and stove.

“I’ve encountered people I find to be shallow and hypocritical and others – teachers and military spouses and so many more – whose spirits are so deep and strong it’s astonishing.

“And I’ve met kids – lots of them, all over the world – who crack me up and fill me with hope and who blessedly manage to forget about my title once we start rooting around in the first of a garden.”

Barack Obama was first elected in 2008, becoming the first black President in US history.

He would remain in office until 2016.

The bid to replace him four years ago became one of the most controversial races in US history as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled it out for the position.

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Ultimately, Trump would claim a stunning win despite receiving around four million fewer votes than his rival.

Remembering that period, and the realisation that Trump had won, Michelle admitted she didn’t want to know the former reality TV host was the new President.

Michelle explained that she and Barack had invited former First Lady Valerie Bush over to the White House on election night back in 2016.

The three watched a movie and after it ended Barack received numerous texts on his phone from his political adviser David Simas, who had been keeping him up to date with what was going on during the night.

Barack said that “something strange” was going on and the result may be different from the Clinton win they were hoping for.

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And as it became clearer that Trump was on the verge of a historic win, Michelle left the pair and headed to bed.

She wrote: “I felt something leaden take hold in my stomach just then, my anxiety hardening into dread.

“As Barack and Valerie started to discuss early results, I announced I was going upstairs.

“I walked to the elevator, hoping to do only one think, which was to block it all out and go to sleep.

“I understood what was probably happening, but I wasn’t ready to face it.”

Michelle added: “As I slept, the news was confirmed: American voters had elected Donald Trump to succeed Barack as the next President of the United States.

“I wanted to not know that fact for as long as I possibly could.”

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