Michelle Obama reveals how she mocked Barack when they met – ‘Who names their kid that?’

The former First Lady spoke in front of thousands of people during the event which is part of her “A Conversation with Michelle Obama” tour. She discussed her upbringing on the southside of Chicago but the main theme of the event was youth empowerment.

She revealed how her parents had to make the best of what they had to raise her and her brother.

She said: “I want parents to know, you don’t have to have a lot of stuff to give yours kids what they need.”

Michelle also lovingly reminisced about the moment her husband Barack Obama became US President and how it impacted their lives.

She said: “To see my husband’s name appear on the news channels, naming him president elect, it’s at that moment that our lives changed.”

The mother-of-two also discussed the responsibility she put on herself as First Lady of the United States and how she wanted to use her children and herself as a platform.

She added: “We did our best to fill that house with kids.”

However, shockingly, Michelle also revealed how she first mocked Barack when she first met him.

When they first met, she was working at a law firm in Chicago called Sidley & Austin.

She was tasked with mentoring a new associate who just happened to be Barack.

She said her first thought was: “Who name’s their kid Barack Obama?”

The former FLOTUS was also sceptical of him at first.

She continued: “He didn’t care about working at the big firm, he didn’t care about making money.

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“Before I fell in love with him, I fell in love with him as a person.”

During the rest of the afternoon, Michelle continued to share her beliefs on empowering youth.

She said: “I hope that kids would see themselves in my journey and know that they have the same opportunities in life.

“I hope that more young people find it in them to share their story and be proud.”

Michelle and Barack currently work with young leaders from around the world.

She said: “We’re out of the Whitehouse, but there’s still work to be done, we’re investing in the next generation of leaders.

“There’s always a next chapter, always a way to recreate yourself.

“After all that I’ve done, there’s still so much that lies ahead.”

Before becoming First Lady, Michelle attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

She then worked at the Chicago mayor’s office, the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Medical Centre.

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