Mike Tindall jokes he was snubbed for Prince Harry’s stag do

‘He blew me out, cold and simple’: Mike Tindall jokes that he was snubbed for Prince Harry’s stag do but reveals his family were welcomed by the royals ‘with open arms’ on the eve of his wedding to Zara

  • Ex-England captain Mike Tindall jokes he was ‘snubbed’ from Harry’s stag do 
  • Tindall says royals welcomed his family ‘with open arms’ when they met in 2011
  • Sportsman wished Meghan and Harry well ahead of their wedding tomorrow  

Mike Tindall has joked he was snubbed after not receiving an invite to Prince Harry’s stag party.

The pair became firm friends after meeting during the 2003 Olympics with the sportsman marrying Harry’s cousin Zara Phillips eight years later.

The former England rugby captain said in jest: ‘I was really upset, I didn’t make the cut on that.

‘Snubbed’: Mike Tindall, appearing above on Good Morning Britain earlier today, joked he was not invited to Prince Harry’s stag do

‘It was probably a very wise decision on his behalf that I wouldn’t be there, I think.

‘I did have a word about it, but he blew me out cold and simple.

‘I shed a tear. I was like: “You can keep the wedding, I just want the stag do,”‘ he joked on radio station Talksport.

Speaking in a separate interview to Good Morning Britain today, Tindall offered advice to Meghan as the bride-to-be’s mother meets the Queen today following a dramatic week.

Tindall knows from experience how daunting the first meeting can be. 

He revealed his own family were ‘in a corner’ when they met for drinks the night before he married Zara, seven years ago.

But praised the royals for ‘welcoming them with open arms’. 

In love: The Queen’s eldest granddaughter Zara Phillips married the former England captain Mike Tindall in 2011 (pictured above, the pair in August 2007) 

Speaking this morning, he said: ‘We had drinks before the wedding. My family were nervous as it was out of their comfort zones but the royals are professional meeters and greeters. 

‘I think my family were in the corner a bit to begin with but the best thing about the royal family is they spot people who are looking nervous and go straight over to them and take that tension out of the room. The royal family welcomed them with open arms.’ 

Tindall will be attending the wedding tomorrow with his wife but their child will stay home for the reception, he revealed.

Regarding the amount of alcohol at the evening party he joked: ‘I think we’ll lead into it and see where it goes.

‘Hopefully there will be plenty of it and we’ll just get a feel for the room. You know how it is in a social situation you have to get a feel for the room.

Happy couple: Mike Tindall said he wished his cousin-in-law Prince Harry and Meghan Markle well and hoped they would live ‘happily ever after’ 

‘I am obviously very excited and very happy. It’s a huge event, I think it will be fantastic and see how it goes and hopefully they have the day that they want, that’s all you can ask for.

‘The kids are staying at home, so we are free, we’re off the leash, which is always nice.’

Asked whether he had spoken to Meghan recently about how she was feeling, he said: ‘I think Meghan will be nervous but coming from her background but she is used to the spotlight – though not as much as what has gone on this week.

‘She’s experienced enough to know how to deal with it. But all she can do is enjoy the day, it’s a special day for them and that’s all I can wish for them. Hopefully they will live happily ever after.’  


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