‘Millionaires’ lazy WAGS hate me as I stop them rinsing partners for free ride’

"Lazy" entitled exes are being forced back to work a no-nonsense divorce lawyer who is saving her clients millions.

Holly J Moore has represented a range of A list clients including NFL playersduring her 15-year career.

She specialises in minimising settlements and uses some creative, yet ethical tricks, to achieve her goal.

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Operating out of California for the Moore Family Law Group, Holly has disclosed how she uses the law to stop entitled spouses from milking their exes for everything their worth.

“My favourite cases involve high earners that come to us with a spouse that is capable of working but refuses to,” she explained.

“So anytime a person is under employed, whether in pay or time, we bring in an expert and say what this person is actually capable of earning.

“They’re able to say what that person’s earning capacity is, instead of what they’re actually making.

“Because maybe they’re not working at all, maybe they’re working part-time, or maybe they’re working full-time as a waitress, but they are qualified to be a brain surgeon.

“They do a whole evaluation and say this person is actually capable of making $100,000 (around £81,000) a year and right now they’re making zero.

“And whether that person wants to make the $100,000 a year or not is completely up to them.

“But when the court does the calculation for support, it will plug in the $100,000 that they’re capable of making, versus what they’re currently earning."

Holly revealed that the tactic saw one of her clients halve the $8,000 (around £6,500) a month his then-unemployed ex-wife was demanding which he would likely have had to pay for 15 years.

And in some cases the exes say her methods have improved their lives too.

“I had three separate cases all involving women and within six months, all of those wives were like, ‘I hate Holly, she’s such a shark, but you know what?

“What she did is the best thing that’s ever happened to me’.

Holly, who studied law at Western State University in Orange County, California and practises out of California, went on to detail how social media is often her “significant source of evidence” when preparing for a case.

This is because people will often plead poverty in court, only to post images of their brand new sports car online.

“You can’t claim that you’re destitute and don’t have a dollar to your name but then post pictures of a new Chanel bag or a vacation you went on,” she said.

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Holly also deals with prenuptial agreements which are signed before people get married and disclosed some common “big misconceptions” about them.

She said: “In California, people believe that that law says to split everything 50/50 and it's so easy so why do you even need help?” she said.

“But what I think most people don't understand is the point of a prenup is to characterise things that you might acquire in the future."


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