Mom-of-16 reveals fire drill plan in three-story home – complete with floor plan and buddy system

A MOM-of-16 revealed her fire drill plan in the family's three-story home.

The practice plan was complete with a floor plan and buddy system to make sure the family knows how to get to safety in an emergency.

Tiffany Nelson, mom to 16 kids who runs the YouTube channel Not Enough Nelson, documented the practice plan in a video.

"We have a big house and a lot of kids so to figure out how to get outside and get to safety fast is huge for our family," Tiffany said.

With all the kids gathered in the living room of the family's home, Tiffany and husband Benji laid out a floor plan and set a drill with the kids.

As they set an exit plan, they made a buddy system so the kids made sure the siblings in the rooms near them can all help each other get out safely.

She had some of the older kids ensure that they can help the younger kids get out of their rooms and outside the home.

Going over the floor plan, Tiffany showed the kids to go down the stairs nearest to their rooms if it's safe.

If they can't get to the stairs, however, she said; "Windows are the last resort," for another emergency exit.

"Guys, it's really important to go over all the steps of your exit plan with your kids because you'll find little problems that you didn't think about beforehand and it's really important to actually do the drill to see if there's anything that you forgot or overlooked in your kids' room," Tiffany said.

The mom then showed the kids how to feel the door in their room with the back of their hands to see if there may be a fire on the other side, and to see if there's smoke underneath.

She then had the kids show how to crawl out if there's smoke.

Lastly, Tiffany had the kids practice stop-drop-and-roll.

The kids then practiced opening their windows if they were unable to exit the home through their doors.

In a mini practice-run, the kids then all ran outside the door and practiced meeting in a safety spot.

Later in the week, the parents woke up at 4.15am to have a full practice run – as they set off the fire alarm test sound and woke their kids.

"Hopefully they can all figure out how to get out," the mom said.

She also turned on fire sound effects in speakers all across the home, to make the drill more realistic.

The kids held some of their own cameras and documented the drill as they exited the home in the practice.

Outside the home, the parents had to call one of the older kids – Kass, 21 and her husband Josh, – who didn't hear the alarms going off.

The older two finally came running out of the home and joined the rest of the family at the meeting point.

In total, it took just under three minutes for the whole family to get outside.

"We got everyone!" the family said as they completed the drill and counted all the kids.

"We did it! We all got out!" mom Tiffany said.

"I know this was super hard at 4.30 in the morning – but super important," she added.

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