Mom-of-three beats her daughter, 7, because she asked for a cup of tea

Girl, 16, films her mother flying into a rage and brutally beating her seven-year-old sister because she asked for a cup of tea

  • Daniela Galarza lost her temper and beat the youngest of her three daughters who had asked for a cup of tea 
  • The Argentine mother threatened to rip her oldest daughter’s head off if she didn’t stop recording the abuse
  • The furious mom then kicked the phone out of her daughter’s hand, cutting short the video recording 
  • Police in the central Argentine province of Cordoba removed the girls, ages 7, 11, and 16, from the home and placed them under custody of their paternal granny
  • Galarza was not arrested as the prosecutor’s office is still investigating to determine if the incident was isolated or recurring 

A mother lost custody of her three daughters after she was filmed beating her youngest child over a cup of tea.

Daniela Galarza lost her temper when her seven-year-old daughter asked her mom to prepare her the drink inside the family’s home in the central Argentine province of Cordoba.

Her oldest daughter, 16, recorded the disturbing moment on her cell phone as Galarza beat and cursed at her defenseless child.

Daniela Galarza (pictured center in front of the chair), a mother in Argentina, is filmed beating her seven-year-old daughter after the child asked for a cup of tea. Her 11-year-old sibling (pictured to the  right) stands nearby 

Daniela Galarza (shown standing in front of the chair) temporarily lost custody of her three daughters, ages 7, 11 and 16. The girls were removed from the home by local police officers in the province of Cordoba

The frightened girl attempts to cover herself from her mother’s punches and slaps while her 11-year-old sibling looks on from the side. 

‘Make the f*****g tea. What does it cost you to make the tea,’ Galarza is heard screaming in the video while she pounds away her youngest daughter.

The oldest sibling could barely yell at her mother, ‘enough,’ before her enraged parent snapped at her.

‘You just shut up or I tear your head off,’ Galarza said.

The enraged mother (pictured) threatened her 16-year-old daughter, who begged her to stop abusing her sister. Galarza then kicked the cell phone off her oldest child’s hands

As the seven-year-old remains seated on the chair covering her face, the mother then takes a couple of steps and kicks the mobile phone off her daughter’s hands before the video is cut off short. 

The images were just what the girls’ dad required to press charges at a local police station house in Morteros, a town located in the northwestern part of Cordoba.

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The minors were placed under the custody of their paternal grandmother.

Despite the viral evidence which was shared on social media platforms and local news outlets, the mother was not arrested. 

Argentine newspaper La Nación reported that prosecutor’s office is investigating to determine whether the incident was an isolated case or a recurring issue.



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