Mom shot dead through peephole while checking to see who was at door: police

A Bronx woman at home with her teen son was fatally shot in the head through her peephole as she checked who was at the door, police said Sunday.

Wendy Martinez, 45, was in her Concourse Village apartment Saturday night around 11:45 p.m. when a gunman, wearing a mask, fired through the peephole, cops said.

The woman’s 14-year-old son ran to hide in a bedroom and called 911.

Cops had to coax the boy out of the room when they arrived, sources said.

Martinez was pronounced dead on the scene. She didn’t appear to be the gunman’s intended target, police sources said.

Neighbors were still reeling from the shooting Sunday morning.

“I haven’t slept all night,” said Martinez’s next-door neighbor, who wouldn’t give his name.

Hector Flores, a maintenance worker, said he doesn’t remember a similar incident ever happening in the 40 years he’s lived in the building.

“This is a safe building,” said Flores, 54. “No drugs, no people hanging out on the corners. To hear the gunshot and find out something like this happened here, it’s shocking.”

Martinez worked at Lincoln Medical Center hospital, according to the next-door neighbor.

At least one shell casing from a semi-automatic pistol was found at the home, police said. Police are reviewing video footage from the area.

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