Moment a truck crashes into a Chinese shop, almost hitting its owner

Terrifying moment store owner leaps clear as lorry smashes into shopfront where he is posing for a selfie

  • A shop owner took a selfie outside his store in Panzhihua in the Sichuan province
  • As he crouched down, an out-of-control lorry hurtled towards his shopfront 
  • The owner manages to spot the truck at the last moment and jumps clear  

This is the moment a store owner dashed out of the way as a lorry crashed into his shop where he had been posing to take a selfie.

The near-miss was filmed in the city of Panzhihua in the southern Chinese province of Sichuan on March 2. 

According to local reports, the lorry collided with a taxi at an intersection and the truck driver lost control, before mounting the pavement and slamming into the shop.

A shop owner taking a selfie outside his store in Panzhihua, Sichuan, narrowly avoided getting crushed by a speeding truck which lost control and smashed into the front of the store on Wednesday

Shocking footage shows how the man was just inches from being crushed by the truck

The HGV was badly damaged following the incident which took place on Wednesday 

Seconds earlier the shop owner had decided to go outside and take a selfie by the entrance. 

In the footage, the shop owner is seen walking to the steps outside the store entrance and crouching down to take a selfie.

He shows the camera his ‘best side’ and starts to turn his head, before spotting the danger at the last second.

Somehow he manages to stand up and throw himself out of the path of the lorry, cheating serious injury or even death.

The HGV mounts the pavement and crashes into metal bollards before slamming into the shop owner’s display goods.

It smashes through the shopfront and comes to an abrupt stop. 

Footage following the crash showed how the truck’s cab was crumpled by the force of the impact

A rescue squad took 30 minutes to free the driver from the badly damaged truck cab

Local authorities said the driver suffered non-life threatening injuries following the crash 

According to local eports, the lorry driver and a passenger were trapped inside the mangled cab for more than 30 minutes.

They were freed from the wreckage by firefighters and sent to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The police investigation into the accident is ongoing. 

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