Moment female prosecutor kicked and punched in face by male colleague

A horrifying video has gone viral of the moment an "misogynistic" prosecutor was filmed beating a female co-worked as others tried to pull him off.

The bloke, who was named by Brazillian media as 34-year-old Demétrius Oliveira Macedo, was seen repeatedly kicking and punching a woman as she was cowering in the corner.

Another woman tried to pull him away as he started spitting on her and a fourth colleague managed to drag her away.

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The aggressor then slammed the woman holding him into a wall before going back to his original victim.

He was arrested and subsequently released by Civil Police as he admitted the assault but claimed he did it because he was being bullied at work – but an investigation is ongoing.

Fernando Carvalho Gregório, from the 1st Police District of Record, said: "He admitted that he assaulted the victim and claimed that he did so because he was morally harassed.

"The fact is also analyzed by the Public Ministry (MP) and the Judiciary (PJ). At the end of all the work, we will have a conclusion of the investigations in a case, and an eventual conviction."

However, the victim, Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros told g1 that she feared her co-worker and felt "disrespected as a woman."

She said: "My dignity was exposed. As a woman, I was disrespected, as well as a public servant. In short, it was a global disrespect of my personality as a woman.

"I was afraid, yes. I was afraid that this would happen, but I didn't imagine it would be physical violence, I thought it was an argument."

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Video footage also incident caused outrage on Twitter as journalist Maria Teresa Cruz branded the bloke a 'coward' and a 'misogynist' when she shared a clip of the incident.

Captioning the video, which has recieved more than 121,000 likes and 40,000 retweets, she wrote: "Cowardice never ends. Shall we make the handsome famous?

"The 'bully' Demétrius Oliveira Macedo, 34, stationed in Registro/SP, assaulting his colleague, also a prosecutor. For me, in addition to misogyny and machismo, it is a portrait of dehumanization."


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