Moment shopkeeper’s ‘possessed’ ramen suddenly launch into the air

Spooky noodles! Bizarre moment a shopkeeper’s ‘possessed’ ramen suddenly launches into the air and splatters across his counter

  • A paper bowl of ramen noodles launched into sky at a corner shop in China
  • The spooky video, which has one million views, sparked debate on social media
  • Some say it was ‘paranormal activity’ – with others claiming a lighter is to blame

This is the bizarre moment a ‘possessed’ bowl of instant noodles suddenly shot into the sky and splattered across a shop counter.

The clip, filmed at a corner shop in China, captured the cup of ramen as it exploded into the air without being touched.

A shopkeeper, who was sitting at the counter, had placed the noodles on the glass surface before turning to his computer.

A shopkeeper’s bowl of instant ramen noodles (pictured) suddenly shot into the sky and splattered on his counter

But seconds later, the paper bowl suddenly launched into the air – startling the man before landing upside down back on the surface.

The shopkeeper stared at the scene for a moment before desperately reaching for his noodle-covered phone.

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The video, which now has more than a million views, has sparked debate on social media about what may have caused the jump.

Some commented it was ‘paranormal activity’ – even claiming the man was pranked by a ‘ghostly spirit.’

The video sparked some debate on social media – where some believe  it to be ‘paranormal activity’

Others think a nearby lighter may be to blame for the rocket-like show.

Huangjinyan Shouxiguanzhong said: ‘Yep, definitely a lighter. It happened to me last time too with my spicy soup.’

Liukuai Fujide Feizai said: ‘This is paranormal activity caught on camera.’ 

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