Moment woman inhales pipe on Tube and blows out huge cloud of smoke as passengers wrinkle their noses

The woman was on the District Line in central London just after noon yesterday and was seen unwrapping a substance from tin foil.

She then placed it inside her pipe and inhaled more than 10 times after refilling it in front of a “packed” carriage.

Passengers were so stunned they did not even confront her and the woman continued to smoke as the train travelled east past Temple station.

Dad-of-one Luke Stone, 39, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the woman – believed to be in her 40s – smoking and started filming her on his smartphone.

He eventually confronted her but she replied in an aggressive tone and told him to "mind his own business".

Luke told The Sun Online: “She was holding a little pipe and I saw her pull out a little silver piece of tin foil.

“Whatever she had in there she then started to put it in the pipe and when she pulled out the lighter I thought 'Oh my god'.

“She took a big hit and then blew the smoke out. It didn’t smell like weed but it absolutely stank the carriage out – it was very pungent.

“I was opposite her and the smoke was everywhere. The carriage was packed and the smoke was going in people’s faces but nobody said anything.”

Luke, who works in digital advertising, eventually asked her: “Are you seriously doing that on the Tube?”

He added: “But she replied in an aggressive tone ‘I’m not, mind your business, mind your business’ and no one said a word in the carriage.

“She had been smoking the pipe for more than 10 minutes and I couldn’t believe that people were just ignoring her and letting her get away with it.

“It was shocking to see. What made it worse was the fact there was a pregnant woman sitting just yards away from her on the same side of the train just a little further down.

“The woman who was smoking didn’t have any teeth and she completely ignored what I said and did it a couple more times before I got off the train."

Luke, from Aldgate East, East London, added: “I knocked on the driver’s door and said there’s a woman smoking on the train and the person on the platform then went over – I assume she got kicked off.”

The Sun Online has contacted the British Transport Police for comment.

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