Money raised from Kalamalka Rotary Club annual auction helping fund international projects

Money raised from an annual auction held in the North Okanagan will once again be used to help fund international projects.

This week, the Kalamalka Rotary Club announced that it will be donating more than $68,000 to seven projects around the world. The money comes from a portion of its Dream Auction funds.

Last year, more than $286,000 was raised at the 34th annual Dream Auction.

“As part of its commitment to the goals of Rotary International, Kalamalka Rotary each year donates a portion of its Dream Auction funds raised to international projects, some of which have been in progress for multiple years,” the local organization said in a press release.

The projects receiving money include a school on Nepal; another school in Ethiopia; and a clean water foundation in Haiti.

“Since it was first chartered Kal Rotary has always supported international projects,” said club president, Ryan Fairburn, “and with the generous support of our Dream Auction donors and bidders the club is able to continue and grow this important outreach principle of Rotary International.”

Below are the projects that will receive funding from Kalamalka Rotary.

The Devi Jal Kumari School, Gorkha, Nepal

  • Kal Rotary says it has donated $75,000 U.S. over the past four years to build a two-storey school and toilet system serving 225 students from surrounding villages. This year’s donation of $6,835 U.S. will enable the school to hook up to electricity and will purchase desks, chairs and bookshelves.

Bezawit, Ethiopia

  • $10,000 U.S. is being donated to the Frances G. Cosco Foundation to fund the construction of a latrine at an 800 student school in Bezawit. The school at present lacks any toilet facilities.

Clean Water Foundation, Haiti

  • The Clean Water for Haiti Foundation previously received $10,000 US from Kalamalka Rotary to build 100 bio sand filters for rural communities.  This year’s donation of $23,797 U.S. will build 50 more filters and go toward replacing an old truck that delivers the filters to those rural communities.


  • $5,000 U.S. will be added to $15,565 previously donated to Kiva Micro Loans to aid creation of women’s businesses in developing countries, and a donation of $3,000 U.S. in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Kelowna will purchase 15 Hippo rollers for communities in Africa.
  • The Hippo roller is an industrial-strength poly drum, like a lawn roller, that allows villagers to transport up to five times the water they previously carried for drinking, cooking and irrigation.
  • “It’s extraordinary what a life-changing invention like the Hippo roller can make to people who spend much of their day just hauling water,” said International Donations Chair Dr. James Mayne, “freeing them up for education, household tasks and food production.”


  • The Zimbabwe Project Society will receive $5,320 Cdn for building a community agricultural garden. In concert with the Rotary Club of Vernon and the North Okanagan Gleaners, the society will receive $6,000 Cdn to purchase a new air dryer.

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