Mother and daughter burnt after electric shock at Turkish hotel pool

EXCLUSIVE: Horrifying screams as mother, 36, and daughter, six, suffer ELECTRIC SHOCKS after stepping on ‘exposed wire’ next to Turkish hotel pool leaving them covered in burns

  • Amelia Hartnett, six, was playing by pool at Golden Gate Club Hotel in Kusadasi
  • It’s thought her foot touched an exposed wire meant to be buried underground 
  • Mother Danielle was hit by electric shock and knocked unconscious as well
  • Loveholidays said it has blocked bookings to hotel while it investigates incident

A mother and daughter have been left with burn wounds across their bodies after they were given an electric shock by the poolside on holiday in Turkey.

Amelia Hartnett, six, was playing next to the baby pool at the Golden Gate Club Hotel in Kusadasi when she stood on an ‘exposed’ lamp post wire that ran alongside the water.

She screamed, dropped to the ground and began trembling as the electricity coursed through her body.

Her mother Danielle, 36, ran over to help but as she grabbed her daughter she was also hit by the electricity and knocked unconscious. 

Amelia Hartnett, six, was left with a wound on her neck after she was given an electric shock from an ‘exposed’ lamp post wire on holiday in Turkey

Her mother Danielle, 36, was also left with a nasty burn wound after trying to save her daughter

Ms Hartnett told MailOnline: ‘Amelia went to play in the baby pool and we heard her screaming and crying.

‘When we turned around she had dropped to the ground and looked like she was having a fit.

‘I remember screaming that my baby was dead. Nearly a full minute passed and I thought: “I have to do something, I have to save her.”

‘I went round by her feet and tried to get her but the electric got hold of me straight away. It was so strong and was going all through my body but I couldn’t move.

‘I later learned that our muscles had contracted and temporarily paralysed us. I then fell unconscious.’

They were on a family holiday in Turkey, staying at the Golden Gate Club Hotel in Kusadasi. Pictured: Danielle’s partner Jamie Goode (left), daughters Amelia, six, and Jessica, three, and Danielle

Pictured: the Golden Gate Club Hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey, where the family were staying

It’s thought that Amelia stood on an exposed lamp post wire meant to be buried underground

It’s thought that Amelia’s wet foot touched a wire that was meant to be buried underground.

A hotel guest used a plank of wood to move the pair away from the water and performed CPR on Ms Hartnett while they waited on an ambulance.

Ms Hartnett said: ‘A guest called Tamer managed to get a hold of Amelia’s toes and flip her into the air on to a bit of grass where witnesses say they saw the life come back into her.

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‘He then started working on moving me away from the electric with the piece of wood. [He] put me in the recovery position, pulled my tongue out – which had gone down my throat – gave me the kiss of life and then chucked icy water over my face to bring me round.

‘Thank god he knew what he was doing because we both would have been dead.’

An ambulance arrived and took the family to hospital where they were kept for seven hours.

Ms Hartnett (pictured with daughters Jessica, left, and Amelia) said she thought Amelia was going to die because her entire body was shaking on the floor

Amelia was left with burn wounds across her body from the incident at the family resort

The hotel owner paid for their hospital bills and apologised profusely upon their return.

Ms Hartnett, from Lambourn, West Berkshire, said the lamp post was dug up removed from the poolside the following day. 

The mother of two got in touch with Loveholidays to make a serious complaint and was told a full investigation would be launched.

She said: ‘I want an apology for what my daughter and I have went through. Since coming home, Amelia has been waking up having nightmares most nights and I’ve been kept off work for three weeks and put on medication.

‘I want people to know the dangers of staying at that hotel. Loveholidays are still advertising it as their “featured hotel” on their website.’ 

Loveholidays told MailOnline it was currently investigating the incident and was no longer accepting bookings to the Golden Gate Club Hotel. 

It said that whilst the hotel might appear on the website, customers were not actually able to book to stay there.   

The child, from Lambourn, West Berkshire, has had nightmares since returning home

Ms Hartnett said she’s not been supported by the travel agent and claimed her complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

She was even ‘blocked’ on Twitter by Loveholidays’ customer service team.

She said: ‘On return we told Loveholidays we wished to make a serious complaint by the following Monday I hadn’t heard from the complaints department.

‘I emailed, got no reply. Tuesday I emailed again and copied in the [complaints] department. I got a call to say they hadn’t received my email. 

‘They promised that a full investigation had been launched and that they’d call me the next day.

‘No call. I emailed again, it got ignored. I emailed daily and by Friday I was angry and said if I didn’t hear back by Monday I’d go to social media. I didn’t hear back. Tuesday I posted on Twitter, they blocked me.’

Loveholidays said it had blocked any bookings to the Turkish hotel until an investigation was carried out

When asked why Ms Hartnett was blocked on Twitter, a Loveholidays spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Loveholidays take matters of data protection and our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) very seriously. 

‘We have to be especially careful when dealing with matters that involve a child and details of their injuries or medical treatment. 

‘As the posts appeared to be referring to a child and making reference to injuries and medical treatment sought in a public forum, a moderator took the decision to stop any further such posts as per our Privacy guidelines. 

‘We felt that this incident was best handled directly with the customer and not in a public social media environment.’ 

The travel agent said it was working with the hotel to find out exactly what happened and claimed it would support Ms Hartnett throughout the investigation.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘At Loveholidays, the safety and security of our customers is our number one priority and we work with all our partners to ensure high standards are met and maintained.

Ms Hartnett was blocked by the travel agent’s customer service team. Loveholidays said the incident ‘was best handled directly with the customer and not on social media’

‘Loveholidays were made aware of this unfortunate incident at the time it occurred and provided the family our full support including medical checks and a change of hotel after being visited by a representative. 

‘The family moved to another hotel nearby and thankfully were able to continue fully with the holiday without further issue and were supported throughout that period.

‘We have been in close contact with the hotel who took immediate action to rectify the defect and we continue to liaise with the hotel management to establish exactly how the incident occurred and this investigation is ongoing.

‘We have been in regular communication with the customer since her return to the UK and are disappointed to hear the customer feels that the incident was not being dealt with as a priority, which is not the case.  

‘We appreciate the customer’s frustration in wanting answers, however we are waiting for technical reports from the hotel as part of the investigation.

‘A senior member of the team spoke to the customer on Monday and as agreed, is due to update her today with a view to resolving the matter.’ 

‘As a precaution, Loveholidays have already blocked any further bookings until the investigation is complete.

‘The hotel may still appear in listings, but customers will not be able to make a booking there. Until we are satisfied the hotel is operating as we would expect it to, it will remain off-sale.’

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