MPs to call for 'rotten' IHAT British troop witch-hunt to be scrapped

A PROBE into alleged war crimes by British troops in Iraq should be binned, MPs will say.

A defence committee report out next week will say the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) was ripe for abuse by shamed human rights lawyer Phil Shiner.

Shiner – branded a “tank chaser” for hounding troops – was last week struck off for making vile untrue claims about Iraq veterans.

Chair Johnny Mercer MP said: “I am clear where the problems lie.

"There is a rotten core of civil servants who made decisions without Ministers or military input.”

The MoD said it is committed to reducing IHAT’s caseload.

Mercer's inquiry will call for IHAT to be replaced by a military-led investigation of the remaining cases.

A MOD spokesperson said: “The government is legally obliged to investigate criminal allegations and the courts are clear that if IHAT did not exist, British troops could be dragged through international courts.

“We’re committed to reducing IHAT’s caseload to a small number of credible cases as quickly as possible.

“We are determined to stop spurious legal claims against our troops and tackle the likes of Phil Shiner, who have abused our legal system.”


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