Multiple homes searched in New Brunswick as part of ongoing drug investigation

Several arrests have been made as a result of at least four different home searches in New Brunswick on Wednesday.

Police are releasing few details about the searches, only that “several” people have been arrested and items were seized.

One of the searches happened on Dominion Street in Moncton Wednesday morning. At least five police cruisers and four fire vehicles could be seen at one time.

Some residents say that while it’s not exactly uncommon for police to be present in the area, it was an unsettling way to wake up.

“Shots being heard and [being] woken up at 4 a.m. to noise and roadblock and cops and sniff dogs,” said local resident Debie Labonte, describing the wake-up call.

Over on Homestead Road in the Steeves Mountain area, five police cruisers could be seen along with other vehicles in the driveway. Windows were smashed out in the process.

“I looked at my alarm clock and it said 5:13,” says Brian Coyle, who lives nearby.

Coyle says he heard what sounded like gun shots six times consecutively, so he went up the road to see if things were OK.

“It was blocked off with an RCMP vehicle with lights and it was across the road with an officer standing in front of it,” said Coyle.

“I just mentioned to him that I thought I heard gunshots and he declined, he didn’t think that it was gunshots and I said, ‘well, maybe it was firecrackers,’ and he said, ‘no, it wasn’t firecrackers.’”

Police confirmed that other searches were conducted on Donavan Terrace and in the community of Douglas, near Fredericton.

More information is expected to be released Thursday.

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