Multiple injuries after gunman opens fire near software company office

Multiple people have reportedly been shot in a software company office in Wisconsin.

Three nearby schools have been put on lockdown and police have rushed to the scene of the industrial park following reports of a gunman on the loose.

Four people have been taken to hospital but their conditions have not yet been confirmed, an official said.

Office workers have described seeing people running covered in blood, before officers stormed towards the building.

One witness who was in the WTS Paradigm office when the apparent shooting happened said it is now a "stable situation", but this has not been confirmed by police.

A message sent by the Middleton Police Department to residents reads: "This is an emergency message from the Middleton Police Department.

"There is an active shooter in the area. Please lock all doors, stay inside and shelter in place.

"Police officers are on the scene at this time."

At least 50 police cars are outside the offices at 1800 Deming Way, as well as multiple ambulances.

The building houses businesses including software firms Esker and WTS Paradigm.

An employee from Esker confirmed everyone was safe.

Several hundred people have been evacuated from hotels, offices and other buildings nearby with people "frantic" not knowing what has happened.

Crime scene tape is sealing off the area as onlookers stand nearby watching what is happening. TV reporters have also been urged to stay back.

One woman, who goes by the name Nurse Kelsey, wrote on Twitter: "There’s an active shooter at my husband’s job. His coworkers are shot. He is out safe. I am f***ing terrified.

"Having to explain to your 3 year old who overheard you on the phone why Daddy was scared & why he ran away from his job & what a bad man did to people her daddy works with is disgusting. Disturbing. I shouldn’t have to do this.

"The most twisted f***ed up part of this is if I had been working today & my husband had been shot, he would have come to my unit. I cannot even fathom. I’m dry heaving enough as it is.

"My husband ran out of the conference room when the gunfire started. He saw the shooter standing in until [sic] middle of the room, everyone else was in the ground. The man running out behind my husband was shot in the shoulder & abdomen."

One woman named Melissa, whose children are at the schools on lockdown, said: "There were a lot of cop cars and sirens. I thought it was a car accident.

"I went over to McDonald’s and lady had blood on her knee. I asked if she had been shot and she said no it was from glass breaking.

"She was shaken up pretty good."

A video has captured a woman screaming near the police cordon.

And a Madison television report said three ambulances were seen picking up people and quickly leaving the area.

Another report said someone called 911 after seeing a woman run out of building with a gunshot wound.

While a reporter at the scene said a friend who works in the building said "three or four people had been shot."

He added: "He told us that someone who works in the Paradigm building opened fired, shot multiple people. It sounded like he said three or four people.

"He also said the shooter is down right down."

Another WTS Paradigm worker said: “I heard gunshots fired from a semiautomatic weapon… before I left I heard about 15 gunshots and saw one person injured outside the back door.”

Middleton High School, Kromrey Middle School and Clark Street Community School were all on lockdown, a district spokesperson said.

Nearby Madison College announced there is no active threat on its campus at this time.

But tweeted: "WOLFPACK ALERT UPDATE: Emergency crews are securing the scene of an active shooter incident in Middleton.

"At this time, we’re still urging people to stay away from Madison College’s West Campus. If you’re currently at the campus, please continue to shelter in place."

Andrew King, an employee at TrafficCast at 1800 Deming Way, said he saw a man carrying a handgun inside the 1850 Deming Way building.

"I saw a dude walking with a gun inside the building," he told the Wisconsin State Journal.

"He was just walking with it, and I didn’t see any shooting."

Police are expected to give a news conference shortly.

Meanwhile, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, said: "We are closely following this situation. Our thanks go out to first responders on the scene."

Dan Reeve, director of sales at Esker Software, said a shooting didn’t happen at their building, it happened next door.

All Esker employees are safe and sheltering in place, Channel 3000 reports.

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