Mum and son ‘screamed at’ in cafe after vegetarian breakfast scribbled off menu

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A mum has claimed she was yelled at in a community cafe after questioning why a vegetarian option had been deleted from the food menu.

Kate Fuller said she entered Rest Bite cafe in Melling, Merseyside, and noticed that the vegetarian breakfast had been scribbled out on the menu board.

When she asked why it had been taken off, the man behind the till said the option was "not worth it".

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A vegetarian herself, Fuller had already opted for a jacket potato but decided to press the worker on the matter.

She said that at this point, the man serving her began to "bang the glass countertop three times" and told her and her son, Conrad, to leave.

The mum then took to a Facebook group to share her experience at the cafe, describing it as "vegetarianism discrimination".

The cafe replied to her, writing: "Hi Kate, sorry you feel this way, however, your attitude towards the staff was like nothing I’ve seen before you have caused alarm and distress to my staff as well as the minor you had with you.

"I kindly explained to you we didn’t have vegetarian sausages but we could do you other meat free things, you simply went off it and started shouting to the point you was shaking, at this point we kindly asked you to leave but you escalated further. After you left a shopkeeper who overheard your shouting even came in to ask if everyone was ok and assumed you were drunk!

"We kindly ask you don’t come back as we are a community cafe and very welcoming and we will not tolerate being spoke to or treated the way you treated us. Have a lovely day, Rest Bite."

Kate told the Liverpool Echo that she wasn't "trying to call anyone out" but instead "just trying to raise awareness about different dietary requirements".


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