Mum films huge bull shark circling public swimming enclosure

A mum filmed a huge bull shark circling a public swimming enclosure just minutes after her four-year-old daughter opted not to swim.

Jeanette Haskew filmed the clip while on holiday with her partner and daughter, Grace Zipf.

Grace was about to take a dip in the water before deciding against it after telling her mum it was too cold.

Footage shows the two metre shark circling the waters in a swimming enclosure on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Jeanette, 42, was alerted to the creature stalking the waters when another holiday-maker noticed a strange shape in the water, reports the Mail Online .

Initially thinking it was a harmless dolphin, Jeanette, who had taken her daughter for a morning swim, was alarmed after spotting a shark’s fin.

Speaking about the close call, she said: "We were parked up and we normally do go straight in for a swim.

"It was just a little bit cold, so she was just sort of playing on the beach with her dollies."

Describing the moment she spotted the creature, Jeanette added: "It (the shark) was sort of doing laps of the enclosure trying to find a way out, coming right up to the shoreline and swimming off again."

Jeanette described how the shark repeatedly swam to the shore before darting off again.

Despite being alarmed by the sea creature, Jeanette said she and her daughter Grace weren’t scared – and even found the experience exciting.

She added: "I wasn’t scared at all, it was more exciting because that’s not something you see every day."

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