Mum has ‘miracle’ daughter after 14 rounds of IVF and 1,500 injections

A mum whose first husband died in a racing accident had a "miracle" daughter after finding love again and going through 14 rounds of IVF.

Adrienne Porter, 42, and her second husband John Rigley had spent about five years trying for a baby before their daughter Evie Lauren was conceived.

Until that moment of joy she had received almost 1,500 injections and been through frustration, doubt and heartbreak, at one point suffering a devastating miscarriage.

But the couple were finally able to welcome a child after using eggs that were donated by a close friend.

Adrienne told Daily Mail Australia that she and John, a 39-year-old veterinarian, immediately started trying for a baby after they got married in April 2012.

After four months with no success, she went to see a specialist and was told that her chances of conceiving naturally and using her own eggs were slim.

Adrienne, from the Gold Coast, said she refused to accept those odds at first, but decided she had to try a different approach after the 10th cycle failed.

She refused to give up and turned to the internet for help, writing an appeal for donor eggs on her blog.

She said: "A very dear friend then called up and offered us hers. She was a perfect fit. I couldn’t speak. Her kindness will never ever be forgotten.

"To offer up a part of yourself in such a generous way is something quite extraordinary. It’s such a process to go through, the egg collection."

The couple were thrilled when a pregnancy test gave a positive result.

Evie Lauren was born on April 12 this year, joining her brother Flynn, Adrienne’s 14-year-old son from her first marriage.

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Adrienne said: "Our little miracle Evie Lauren is the blessing that has made our family complete."

She uses the word "hell" to describe everything she and John went through to have a child.

Adrienne’s first husband Mark – her "childhood sweetheart" – was a professional race car driver who died in a crash in 2006.

Flynn was just two-years-old at the time.

Adrienne later met John in 2010 through a friend. They hit it off and started dating, and got married two years later.

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