Mum offered £15 compensation by Asda for fall that ‘could have been fatal’

A mother claims she was offered just £15 by a supermarket after a fall that ‘could have been fatal’ allegedly left her with whiplash.

Sales administrator Angela Barnes was shopping in her local Asda superstore in Croydon, when the incident took place on September 23.

She claims that she was holding a full basket of groceries in her hand when she slipped on liquid left on the floor with no warning sign.

The 54-year-old mum-of-one said she suffered whiplash, bruising and swollen ribs which her GP allegedly told her ‘could have been fatal’ if she had been elderly.

Angela, from Croydon, said she is disappointed she received the same amount of compensation from the supermarket as ‘someone with a dodgy sandwich’.

Asda have now apologised over the incident and said they are investigating.

Angela said: "I was in pain and my clothes were soaked.

"There were two members of staff right there but they ignored me when I fell – when I approached them, they just offered me some tissue.

"I was in shock at first but when I got home I realised how much pain my arm, neck and back were in and I decided to go to A&E.

"Doctors told me I had whiplash, a bruised arm and that the back of my ribs were swollen.

"He said I was lucky I wasn’t 90 years old, as then it could have been fatal."

Angela claims she did not hear from Asda about her complaint until she was offered a voucher for just £15.

She alleges despite numerous calls and emails to the supermarket she did not feel the handled the situation properly.

Angela added: "I heard that someone got a dodgy sandwich and was also offered a £15 voucher.

"They told me there is no CCTV footage which I find hard to believe since I was close to the alcohol aisle.

"I have only received generic email responses apologising for the incident.

"I was very upset – I just want them to take ownership of their actions.

"The situation now has caused me more stress than the actual incident."

A spokesman for ASDA said: "We take our customer’s safety extremely seriously and are investigating what happened here.

"We recognise that we didn’t meet our own high standards of customer service in our initial response to Ms Barnes alleged accident in our Wallington store on September 23.

"At the time, we offered Ms Barnes an apology and gesture of goodwill in recognition of the service issues she experienced when making her complaint and have provided information to her on how to take a claim forward, should she wish to do so."

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