Mum reveals how daughter nearly died days after swallowing swimming pool water

A little girl was left fighting for her life days after she swallowed pool water in a freak accident.

Elianna Grace, four, was playing in her grandparents swimming pool at their home in Florida when she got into a water fight with her relatives.

One of them tried to spray her with water but Elianna was already inhaling and got a mouthful of water.

She coughed, vomited and retched for the next few minutes trying to get the stomach full of chlorinated water out her system.

Half an hour later she was happily playing in the pool once more.

But days later her preschool called her mum Lacey saying that her daughter had a fever.

She was spent a day with her mum at her work and then was back at preschool.

However once again the preschool called and the fever was back. This time they rushed Elianna to A&E.

On her GoFundMe page, mum Lacey wrote: "I kept replaying that pool scene in my head and remembered reading a story last year about a Dad in Texas whose son passed away because he went untreated after swallowing a bunch of pool water.

"I wasn’t going to let that be Elianna.

"We were there about 10 minutes when the doctor said to get her to the nearest ER as soon as possible.

"Her heart rate was crazy high, her oxygen was low, and her skin was turning purple which suggested chemical infection.

"(We) went to the nearest ER where they did a chest X-ray and showed inflammation and infection caused from pool chemicals."

For now family pray that the antibiotic takes quickly and her lungs can find a way to get rid of the pool chemicals.

Lacey is urging other parents to “immediately get help” if their children swallow pool water.

A GoFundMe that friends started to help the Graces pay for hospital costs details the full cause: chemical pneumonitis, aspiration pneumonia and perihilar edema.

In a similar case Frankie Delgado died four days after he had gone swimming at a dyke near the family home in Houston , Texas.

Shortly afterwards, he began showing signs of an upset stomach and suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea.

His dad said: "Out of nowhere, he just woke up. He said ‘ahhh’

"He took his last breath and I didn’t know what to do no more."

His mum Tara Delgado said paramedics fought desperately to save his life but he couldn’t be revived.

Doctors later told the family they found fluid in Frankie’s lung, which they believe was a result of dry drowning, also known as secondary drowning.

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