Mum rushes daughter, 2, to hospital after fearing she ate DRUGS left at play park

A MUM has told how she was forced to rush her young toddler to hospital after fearing she ate DRUGS left at a play park.

Kimberley Kinghorn, 27, had been enjoying a day out with her mother and two-year-old child Kehlani when things took a turn for the worst.

Kehlani had been eating a snack in the park on Broomhouse Crescent in Edinburgh when Kimberly noticed her picking up something which looked like a bag of class A drugs.

She told Edinburgh Live: "Within seconds she picked it up and just as she went to place it into her mouth I quickly swiped it off her. 

“At first I wasn't concerned, the park is usually kept clean and we visit almost every day because it is a new and usually well maintained park for toddler age.

The item just looked like a bit off tissue scrunched up or something but as I rolled it on my palm I could then clearly see that it was a cigarette paper wrapped around something then twisted tightly at the top to contain something in side. 

“I knew from common knowledge that this looked like a wrap off drugs."

When Kimberly opened the small bag she found drug-like crystals.

She and her mother immediately rushed Kehlani to A&E where doctors luckily discovered she had not ingested the substance.

Kimberly is now warning parents that they should always be vigilant – even in what should be a safe space especially for toddlers.

She said: "I was so worried about my daughter I was fuelled by panic and worry.

"I was also so angry to think what the fatal outcome could have been had I not caught her in time, meanwhile the person who put her in harm's way would be walking without a care.

"Having to see my little girl wired up on all sorts of machines to test she was okay after the incident was something I will never forget."

It comes days after parents blasted another derelict playground for being "worse than Chernobyl".

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