Mum watches son suffocating on baby monitor after leaving him to husband

A quick-witted mum was praised for saving her son when she was checking on him through a baby monitor.

Heartstopping footage shared by the parents shows the newborn sleeping in his crib next to his father in the bedroom inside their home in Shanghai, east China.

As the mum is away from home for work, she checks on her baby from the baby monitor and notices something wrong.

She could hear her child crying before realising his face is covered by a blanket for as long as two minutes.

Despite the newborn makes a slight squeaky sound, the father seems to have fallen asleep and is unaware of the danger.

The worried mum makes a quick call to her husband and says: "Check the baby, his face is covered by the blanket."

He quickly checks on his son and removes the blanket off the baby's face, reassuring his wife: "Oh! He's fine now."

Viewers praised the mum for saving her baby's life and said the father was being "too clumsy" while babysitting.

One said: "The love of a mother is amazing, she checks in on her child even when she has work to do."

A second wrote: "This is too scary. The father is too irresponsible. Had the mother not checked on her son, the baby could have died of suffocation."

"That's a call for a bad parent right here, how could he not hear his son crying when he is right next to him?" a third asked.

Some found the father's behaviour too bizarre and circulated a theory that he might not be the child's biological parent.

"This dad did not pass the parent vibe check, I doubt that's his biological son," a viewer joked while another commented: "You can feel how frustrated the mum was, is he even the baby's father?"

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