Mum’s disgust as ‘new’ sofa arrives ‘covered in pet hair’ and crumbs

A mum was left "disgusted" when her DFS sofa arrived scuffed up and "covered in pet hair".

Sian Breakwell, 30, splashed out £1,280 on an ex-display couch but she claims it was anything but the "pristine condition" it was sold as.

The state of the furniture was so bad, Sian says that even after disinfecting and hoovering it, she refuses to let her two-year-old son anywhere near it.

According to CornwallLive, the mum claims DFS lied about where the sofa was from, something which the sofa giant has since admitted was a description made in error.

Sian from Camborne, Cornwall said: "I just thought this sofa shouldn't even be here with us with all the covid restrictions.

"Surely it shouldn't go from household to household straight away.

"There was hair everywhere. We don't know if it was dog hair or cat hair. There's also marks on it and it's damaged and there are crumbs and things in between the cushions."

Horrified at her 'new' sofa, she then lodged a complaint with photos and claims the store manager then admitted it was previously with another customer in their home, but only for four days.

When she asked for a new sofa from the company she claims she was told the only options were to wait for an upholsterer to come out in two and a half weeks, or to pay £300 difference for a brand new sofa that will be sent out in 14 weeks' time.

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Sian who works as a delivery driver, added: "We're not willing to pay £300 for a new sofa, we were fine with an ex-display, we just didn't want it coming from someone else's home in this state.

"It looks worn, faded and it looks like it's been sat on for a lot longer than four days. It's in such a state and I just think it is absolutely disgusting for a big brand like that.

"I don't mind waiting now because I'm just sick of it. I just want them to send me a new sofa but I also just don't want to give them any more money and I just want to go somewhere else. It's a big company and it's just out of order."

A DFS spokesman said: "Ms Breakwell’s original sofa choice failed to fit on delivery and so we offered an alternative product, which unfortunately was not available for Ms Breakwell to view in-store.

"As our sofas are handmade, offering ex-display or exchange models enables customers to receive their replacement sofa more quickly. Customers are aware their products are not brand new and therefore receive a discount on the original price.

"When offering customers exchanged sofas, we ensure that Covid protocols are closely followed. This sofa was in quarantine for at least four weeks before being delivered to Ms Breakwell.

"In this instance, our stock system mistakenly logged the sofa as 'pristine' condition which led to the sofa being delivered directly from one of our warehouses before it had been checked. We completely understand Ms Breakwell’s disappointment and have sincerely apologised for this error.

"We immediately offered to make her a brand new version of the same product. We are awaiting Ms Breakwell’s response and are hopeful of a resolution."

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