Mystery as heartbroken wife found murdered hours after she posted desperate plea to find missing husband

A DEVOTED wife and mum-of-one who spent the last seven months searching for her missing husband has been kidnapped and brutally murdered.

Aranza Ramos was found dead with gunshot wounds after being taken from her Ortiz home in Mexico, according to local reports.

Police discovered the young woman's body on pavement not far from her home in Guaymas Municipality last Thursday.

The 28-year-old was allegedly murdered after stumbling across a mass burial site linked to local drug cartels while searching for her missing husband, local charity groups claim.

Aranza's husband is one 87,000 people who have gone missing since 2006, when then-President Felipe Calderon waged war against Mexico's all-powerful dug cartels.

Mexico has been plagued by gang violence for decades and in some areas it has become so bad that some villages have established militias.

In the crime-ridden state of Guerrro – home to the county's heroin crops – has begun arming children.

On top of this, at least 50 people have gone along Mexico's "Highway of Death" with the US in the past few months.

Among those kidnapped while making the three-hour journey between the Mexican industrial hub of Monterrey and the border city of Nuevo Laredo was a Texas mum and her two kids.

On the day she died, Aranza posted a heartfelt message in a missing persons Facebook group in a bid for help finding her husband, Bryan Omar Celaya, who disappeared in December.

"Family and friends, can you help me share the image of Brayan once again as I ask you to keep him in your prayers.

"I thank you from the heart! Thank you very very much!! We will find you my love, wait for me a little more!!'

According to infobae, a car stopped outside Aranza's home on July 15 and two people hopped out and forced their way into her home.

Minutes later, her lifeless body was found at the entrance of the community where she lived.

The state's Attorney General vowed that "justice will be done for Aranza".

"It is cowardly to deprive a woman of her life just for looking for her missing husband," he wrote on Twitter.

"The femicide that occurred in Ortiz is a call to federal, state and municipal authorities to intensify efforts against impunity."

Mothers and Searching Warriors of Sonora, where Aranza was a member, claim she was killed after apparently discovering a mass grave site.

"We are indignant and in pain that we who are searching are at risk of being killed," the group said.

Another group added: "A great person whose only sin was to love her husband with all her soul, whom she has tirelessly searched for since he disappeared.

"Why kill her? What crime did she commit? She was not looking for the culprits or for justice; she was just looking for peace and to find a dignified place for the love of her life, the father of her daughter."

For years, groups of relatives of the disappeared have joined together to make their own searches for the missing, sometimes finding mass graves that authorities then have excavated.

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