Naked man accused of ‘chasing’ woman in woods insists he just needed a poo

A man accused of stripping naked and chasing a woman along a remote woodland hiking trail says he had only taken his clothes off because he needed a poo.

Scott Alexander Stephens was arrested after the panicked woman called the Montgomery County sheriff's office on the evening of Friday, May 14, to report that a naked man was chasing her along a deserted Texas hiking trail, Lone Star Hiking Trail's Trailhead No. 3.

Police rushed to the scene, where the woman explained to them that she had seen a naked man emerge from a nearby stand of trees and begin to walk in her direction.

She admitted that the suspect did appear to be carrying some clothes but rather than stopping to find out what his intent might be she took off at top speed.

While she thought that the man was chasing her, she told a patrol sergeant, she didn’t waste time looking back to confirm that belief.

As she was still speaking to officers, 53-year-old Mr Stephens, emerged from a nearby thicket. By now he was wearing a pair of trousers but no top.

When questioned, he told the officer that that he had been naked in the woods, but only because he needed to defecate, according to a report in The Houston Chronicle.

He insisted he did not chase the woman and added that he had seen no one else in the woods, according to the sheriff’s office.

Despite his excuse, Mr Stephens, has been charged with disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanour in the state. Class C misdemeanours, under the Texas penal code, are punishable by fines of up to $500.

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