Naked man struts through town centre as shoppers look on in horror

A man left shoppers in shock as he walked through a busy town centre completely naked .

The man who was not even wearing a pair of shoes to protect his feet paraded around the bustling streets of Tamworth, Staffs, on a Saturday afternoon.

Lauran James had been standing at a fruit and vegetable market when she was confronted with the "horrifying sight".

According to the Birmingham Mail , Ms James posted the short but shocking clip to Twitter.

The caption alongside it read: "First and last time I’ll be going to Tamworth."

The man – who appears to be in his 50s – unashamedly stands facing people sat outside a cafe.

The onlookers try to face away from the bare man, who then strides on along past a Barclays bank with his head held high.

Another man can be heard shouting "oi, big bum" as he continues strutting down the street in his birthday suit.

Many other shoppers don’t know where to look and just laugh while he carries on his nude catwalk.

In comments posted to her Twitter, Lauran wrote: "He had a little strut to him and everything.

"I’m just glad I didn’t get the front of him to be fair, absolutely minging.

"I was standing near a little boy and the first thing he shouted was ‘look Grandma, he’s got his willy out’."

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