Napier man rapt as stolen husky returned

A 73-year-old Napier man is overjoyed to have his beloved husky back, five days after she was stolen from his ute.

Greg Scott’s 19-month-old Husky Lovita was taken from his vehicle, which was parked on Nelson Cres, Napier South near the Aqua Lodge where he is currently staying in temporary accommodation about 9.45am on Thursday.

Scott says Lovita was found wandering in Te Haroto. The people who found her had seen a Hawke’s Bay Today story online, and phoned the police.

They brought her to Napier and Scott was reunited with Lovita on Monday.

Since receiving a call from police earlier in the day that she may have been found, he said he had “been holding my breath for the last hour”.

“We’re family… she’s part of my life and I’m part of her life.

“When she’s been taken… every time I’ve come back to her it’s been obvious, I’m number one to her.”

He said being without her was tough, on Thursday and Friday work distracted him, but over the weekend he had to start considering if she would come back and if she did, what condition she would be in.

Lovita appears to be happy and healthy and enjoyed a walk with Scott when she returned.

He is very thankful to the people who found her and drove her into Napier and said they are dog people too, so understood how he had been feeling without her.

He is also very thankful to everyone who left a positive comment of support on the article about her theft.

He believes that the person who took her may have dumped her or, more likely he thinks, she may have jumped out and run if the car stopped and the door was opened.

Scott identified the thief from security footage and a police spokesperson said inquiries are ongoing.

It was the second time she had been stolen. The first time she was sold to a couple in Tauranga for $400 but was returned to Scott after she was taken to the vet and a microchip found.

Scott was fearful that she would be sold again and said it was “scary” that she was stolen.

In the current housing crisis, Scott said he’s struggled to find a place where Lovita is allowed, with an enclosed yard or garden.

He is looking for permanent accommodation for the two of them.

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