Nathan Larson, Who Openly Advocates For Pedophilia And White Supremacy, Running For Congress In Virginia

The independent candidate is hoping to win the seat representing Charlottesville.

Nathan Larson is an admitted pedophile, a proponent of white supremacy and misogyny — and he wants your vote for Congress.

The independent candidate is vying to win a seat representing Charlottesville, Virginia, the city that saw violent protests last year as white supremacists from across the country converged to protest the removal of Confederate statues. The 37-year-old Larson has a long history of spreading vitriol online, The Huffington Post noted, including now-defunct websites that promoted pedophilia and misogyny.

Nathan Larson defended his history after it came to light this week, even standing by posts claiming that he repeated raped his now ex-wife.

“A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it,” he told the Huffington Post. “People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

In online writings, Larson referred to Adolf Hitler as a “white supremacist hero” and called on Congress to repeal the Violence Against Women Act, the report noted.

And Nathan Larson’s history is even more sordid than simply sharing pedophilia and rape fantasies online, the USA Today noted. In 2008, he sent a letter to the Secret Service threatening to kill either George W. Bush or Barack Obama. Larson was convicted of threatening to kill a president and spent more than 15 months in prison.

Larson is running in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district as an independent. The district is represented by Republican Barbara Comstock, who is seen as a vulnerable candidate. The district is a target for Democrats, who are hoping to regain control of the House of Representatives by riding an anti-Trump wave in the upcoming midterm elections.

Nathan Larson is not the only open white supremacist running for office. As Vox noted, there are a handful of other white supremacists of all stripes — including neo-Nazis — running for various offices, many as Republicans. Some political pundits believe they are emboldened by members of Donald Trump’s administration — including Trump himself — who have welcomed these more extremist viewpoints as a strategic voting bloc.

Most, like Larson, are not expected to have much of a chance of being elected, but their candidacy is still seen as a troubling sign that white supremacist views are beginning to creep more into the mainstream.

While some have not actively advocated for policies that directly reflect their extremist views, that is not the case in Virginia. If elected to Congress, Nathan Larson has promised to legalize child pornography and incestuous marriage.

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