National Lottery £20million jackpot prize unclaimed with hunt on to find mystery winner

LOTTO players are being asked to check their tickets with a £20million prize remaining unclaimed.

The unwitting punter scooped the jackpot from the special Must Be Won draw on January 9.

But Lotto bosses say no one has yet come forward to claim the life-changing amount.

The ticket was bought online with all players who use the web being urged to check their accounts.

They have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their winnings otherwise they will lose it forever.

Camelot’s Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said, “It’s only a week since the draw, but we’re urging all online Lotto players to log into their National Lottery account to see if they are the missing Lotto multi-millionaire we’re looking for.

“It could be a spectacular start to 2021 if the winner were to come forward so we’re urging players to check as soon as they can”

Five lucky ticket holders also scooped £1million each in the draw after matching five main numbers and the bonus ball.


  1. £63.8 million in June 2012, with the ticket sold in the Stevenage or Hitchin area of Hertfordshire.
  2. $77.1 million from a ticket bought in Georgia, US, in June 2011.
  3. $68 million bought in New York, US, in 2002.
  4. $63 million in 2015, with the ticket bought in California, US.
  5. $51.7 million, bought in Indiana, US, in 2002.
  6. $46 million in 2003, with the ticket sold in Brooklyn, New York.
  7. $31 million bought in Queens, New York, in 2006

There are currently 15 unclaimed Lotto wins on the National Lottery website – including a £1million prize that needs to be claimed in three days.

The winner bought the ticket in Birmingham for the draw on July 22 last year.

If no one claims their prize, the money and any interest earned on it will go to benefit National Lottery Projects across the UK.

It comes after a bricklayer who won £10,000-a-month for 30 years on the Lotto managed to keep his huge win a secret from all his pals.

James Evans, 21, a block paver from South Derbyshire, has finally spilled the beans after bagging the prize just after Christmas.

The overjoyed youngster said he didn't know what to do after realising he had secured a life-changing amount of money, and getting his mum to double check the ticket.

He revealed: "I felt really overwhelmed so I decided to go rock climbing. I am really into sports and rock climb regularly.

"I spent the summer climbing at the Peak District and I have been missing my sports during the pandemic.

"Whilst climbing, I ended up bumping into one of my best friends and his girlfriend, who were also climbing but I didn’t tell them about my win – I didn't know what to do!”

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