NATO warns of US-Iran CONFLICT after force numbers grow in Gulf – ‘It’s a CONCERN for all’

The group’s general secretary Jens Stoltenberg said the situation evolving “will have implications for all NATO allies”. Mr Stoltenberg made the comments after meeting US Secretary of State Mike Pence in Brussels. Tensions between the US and Iran have become deeply troublesome in recent months with their feud threatening to erupt.

According to Sky News, Mr Stoltenberg said: “When we have military forces as we see in that region, there is always a risk for miscalculations, that is why it is important that all involved convey a very clear message to avoid this calculation.”

He added: “What is of concern for all NATO allies is what Iran has been doing for many, many years, trying to destabilise the region, supporting different types of terrorist organisations, and also both the missile programme and the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

“There are disagreements on the nuclear agreement within the Alliance but all agree that it is important to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.”

When asked if NATO was confident the US had said there was an immediate threat to its forces, he told reporters: “This is a US decision, this is a US deployment.

“It is not for me as secretary general of NATO to speak on behalf of the United States.

“The United States is consulting closely with NATO allies on different levels and in different ways.”

In the past few weeks, the US has beefed up its military presence in the Gulf.

Machinery such as B-52 long-range bombers and an aircraft carrier has been moved over there from the US.

NATO’s comments come after US President Donald Trump said Iran would “suffer greatly” if they go on the attack.

His warning came after “sabotage attacks” on a number of oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s busiest oil artery.

Up to four tankers, of which two are believed to be Saudi and one Norwegian, were damaged on Sunday off the coast of the United Arab Emirates’ Fujairah Emirate in the Sea of Oman.

Trump said: ”We’ll see what happens with Iran.

“If they do anything, it will be a big mistake.”

He added: ”I’m hearing little stories about Iran.

“If they do anything, they will suffer greatly.”

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