Neighbour-from-hell TV star facing legal action after years of complaints

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A former star of hit telly show My Nightmare Neighbour Next Door has been hit by legal action from her local council after it emerged she was living in a caravan outside her own home.

Alongside her disabled mother, Lillie Goddard's static home is located outside her actual £170,000 property, which is believed to be rented out to several tenants.

But the caravan has been the subject of anger from local residents because it is, they claim, dirty and an eyesore – and it even prompted a Facebook group to be set up in anger.

Now, after numerous complaints and council meetings, Swindon Borough Council is taking legal action against Goddard – which could lead to the removal of the static home.

When Ms Goddard first moved to the property in 2019, she claimed it was uninhabitable and extensive work needed to be carried out on the heating system and floorboards.

Ms Goddard has also claimed she has been the victim of racial discrimination, bullying and abuse from the neighbours.

After a previous enforcement order to remove the caravan was quashed, she hopes the courts will not approve the new injunction – for the sake of her mum.

She said: ''Why would the council wish to force a senior to become homeless or move into a house where climbing stairs could be life-threateningly dangerous for her?

“How will I be able to care for her in an emergency situation? She does not speak English. It is victimisation and cruel."

In an email from the council to local residents, an officer confirmed a hearing is due to take place later this month.

“We hope this will lead to the removal of the mobile home, but the decision will fall to the court.”

A local resident said: “It's a disgrace, she doesn’t care about anybody else in the street except for herself.

''I think she lives in cloud cuckoo land some days, it’s like she thinks the council will never actually do anything to deal with her.

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“It’s worrying as back in 2016 she was done for environmental health offences, yet they aren’t taking this one seriously.

“The place looks a mess from the outside, imagine what it looks like inside.

“I see people coming and going all the time, if we didn’t know about the history, we’d be quite concerned about what all these people are doing coming in and out.

“I do worry that if the council haven’t really gone to inspect it properly, what problems they could be.

''I don’t think they’ve been out since the lockdown, and she was on the roof taking the chimney down but she says she’s unwell.

“An unwell person, I don’t think, would be on the roof removing a chimney.”

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