New cyber force to combat IS, gangs and security risk from Russia

New £250mllion ‘cyber force’ unit will help government combat terrorists and criminal gangs amid increased security risk from Russia and ISIS

  • Experts from military and security services make up new unit to fight cyber wars 
  • New £250million cyber-force will quadruple the number of UK cyber agents
  • Unit will target ISIS, criminal gangs, people traffickers and paedophile rings
  • GCHQ and the Ministry of Defence vying to command the new crack unit

A new £250million cyber-force will help combat terrorist groups, criminal gangs and hostile states, it was reported last night.

Thousands of recruits as well as experts from the military and security services will make up a new unit, quadrupling the number of UK cyber agents.

The ‘joint cyber force’, will ensure the country can remotely disrupt and destroy computer networks, The Times reported.

Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is vying for control of the new unit designed to ISIS, gangs, people traffickers and paedophile rings

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But tensions have already begun to arise as both GCHQ and the Ministry of Defence are vying to command the unit. 

A source said: ‘There will be tussles I expect. The military will want it to be a high-level war-fighting force that can do things like counter-missile programmes which will probably never be used, while politicians will want a tactical force that focuses on combating crime and domestic terror threats.’

The creation of the force is of increasing importance as the UK faces threats from Russia and follows a review on the subject ordered by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. 

Recruits will target Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, gangs, people traffickers and paedophile rings from their base, which will either be located at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire or MOD Corsham in Wiltshire. 

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