New warning ‘civil WAR’ is brewing in France under Emmanuel Macron – ominous open letter

Macron slams 'defeatist' attitudes used towards EU

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Penned by ex-military figures, the letter warned France is facing civil unrest following a number of fatal attacks by Islamic terrorists. Last month, Mr Macron said France would “never give in to Islamist terrorism”.

However, the ominous open letter lashed out at the French President claiming he had “trampled” over the veteran soldiers in recent weeks.

The letter read: “Our seniors are fighters who deserve to be respected.

“These are for example the old soldiers whose honour you have trampled on in recent weeks.

“It is these thousands of servants of France, signatories of a platform of common sense, soldiers who gave their best years to defend our freedom, obeying your orders, to wage your wars or to implement your budget restrictions, which you soiled while the people of France supported them.”

They went on to accuse Mr Macron of treating senior military figures as “factious when their only fault is to love their country and to mourn its visible downfall”.

The letter continued: “We see hatred for France and its history becoming the norm.”

Before warning the “chaos and violence” in recent events across France will come from a “civil insurrection” rather than a military coup.

Published in Valeurs Actuelles, the letter continued: “To encourage the leading army officers to take a stand and expose themselves, before fiercely sanctioning them as soon as they write anything other than battle stories, you have to be very perverse.

“Yes, if a civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil, because it will be asked to.

“It is even the definition of civil war.

“No one can want such a terrible situation, our elders no more than us, but yes, again, civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well.”

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, a close ally of the French President, hit back at the letter and said it was a “crude manoeuvre”.

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He told BFM TV: “I believe that when you are in the military you don’t do this kind of thing in hiding.

“These people are anonymous.

“Is this courage? To be anonymous?”

Prime Minister Jean Castex also attacked the letter and said it was an unacceptable interference.

This comes just a month after twenty retired generals and a thousand lower-ranked officers signed a letter warning France is on the brink of a civil war.

Penned by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, the letter read: “France is in danger.

“Several mortal perils threaten her.

“Even in retirement, we remain soldiers of France and cannot in the present circumstances remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country.”

Mr Macron is already facing a political nightmare as his popularity has dropped in recent polls ahead of the 2022 presidential election.

Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen welcomed the letter and said: “I invite you to join us in taking part in the coming battle, which is the battle of France.”

However, her support was met with criticism on both the Left and Right.

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