NHS worker fired for ‘sex’ in ambulance after vehicle was ‘rocking side-to-side’

An NHS ambulance care assistant was sacked after she was allegedly caught having sex with a colleague in a colleague's ambulance at a football ground.

Security guards at Portsmouth FC’s Fratton Park ground spotted an ambulance driving into the Portsmouth FC car park, where a pop-up blood donation unit was operating, along with a car which was later found to belong to former NHS worker Emma Croydon.

The vehicles were parked alongside each other then Ms Croydon and a uniformed man got in the back of the ambulance together, an employment tribunal was told today.

According to the witnesses, the ambulance was seen "rocking from side-to-side quite significantly," and when security guards challenged the couple they found the man "with his shirt untucked and his belt undone".

The man was later suspended by the ambulance service, reports the Portsmouth News.

Ms Croydon, who had been on sick leave at the time of the incident, was sacked for gross misconduct in April 2019 but took her former employer to a tribunal for unfair dismissal.

She told the tribunal she had been upset on the evening in question and had met her colleague by chance while waiting at traffic lights.

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She claims that the man had simply tried to comfort her, that they had driven into the car park for a chat, and that no impropriety took place.

Croydon added that the ambulance service’s disciplinary procedure had been "flawed" and "dishonest".

However, the tribunal upheld her dismissal.

During the disciplinary hearing, Ms Croydon said she was not particularly close friends with the man, and when questioned she was not able to explain why she might have joined him in the back of the ambulance with the lights off.

She maintained that the Portsmouth FC security staff had "lied" about seeing her and the man in the back of the ambulance, but could not provide a reason why the eight have done so.

The NHS trust’s decision to dismiss Ms Croydon was upheld, with the verdict reading: "The tribunal has concluded that at the relevant time the trust had a genuine belief Miss Croydon had been guilty of gross misconduct [for] inappropriate use of trust property; conduct likely to give an offence to patients, other employees, visitors or the general public; and conduct that had potential to impact on the reputation of the trust."

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