Nine-Year-Old Boy Loses His Life After Getting Trapped In A Washing Machine

A 9-year-old boy has died in Russia after getting trapped inside a washing machine.

Per a report from the Daily Mail, an examination of the body revealed some marks and wounds on the elbows that suggested that the boy made a desperate attempt to escape from the drum of the machine.

According to police reports, the child — whose name has not been disclosed — was reportedly alone at home after he returned from school in the Yelizovo, Kamchatka region of the country. The boy’s mother, who worked at a kindergarten, returned home from work and said that her son was missing.

The Russian Investigative Committee said that as she started looking for her boy, she found him inside the washing machine The case is under investigation and detectives are figuring out if the boy climbed into the machine himself or was forced by an intruder.

As reported by the Russian newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, the woman said that “her son was lying inside [the machine] without showing any signs of life.”

She immediately opened the door and pulled her son out but there was “no heartbeat”, the Daily Mail report detailed. The boy’s mother called an ambulance but it was too late, as he was already dead.

Investigators said that they will carry out detailed forensic tests to find out the cause of death and investigations are continuing.

The report quoted detectives as saying that they couldn’t find any immediate evidence of any intrusion to the family’s flat and it is suspected that the child climbed into the drum himself.

Some of the top investigators have been assigned to look into the case, the Russian Investigative Committee said. Details also reveal that when the boy got trapped in the machine, it was not switched on, making it likely that he died of suffocation.

The mother of the deceased boy added that she had made a phone call to her son after 3 p.m. to inquire if he had reached home from school safely and he seemed to be “fine,” the report said. She arrived home at around 6 p.m. and found her son dead.

A somewhat similar case happened in Arkansas, United States in 2015 when a three-year-old boy climbed into the drum of the washing machine and died.

Per a report from Russia Today, the mother of the child, identified as Brooke Haney, was “charged with two felonies of endangering the welfare of a minor for two 2015 incidents.”

Haney told police that she was taking a nap and woke up to find her 3-year-old boy missing. She called a neighbor for help, and a search in the house revealed that he was trapped in a washing machine where he died of suffocation. A Washington Post report said the “child had climbed into the washing machine and closed the lid. The machine was programmed to activate the washer when the lid closed.”

As stated in an affidavit filed in Calhoun County Circuit Court, the cause of death was listed as “scalding and thermal injuries,” the report said.

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