No one turned up to my boy's birthday – we had to change pizza order to one | The Sun

A MOTHER has described her heartbreak after nobody turned up to her son’s birthday party – forcing her to change her pizza order to just one.

The mum from Queensland, Australia, called Dominos earlier this week to cancel the large order which she had placed earlier in anticipation of a large turnout.  

But after the store in Coolum got wind of her crushing story, one employee decided to try and turn things around.

Along with the original order, shift supervisor Miles put together a makeshift cake – adorned with a person message.

The dessert was described as a “custom chocolate dessert pizza topped with churros and brownies”.

Before the order was collected, the proud employee posed with the creation and a "Happy Birthday" message that had been scrawled in chocolate across the back of a pizza box.

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After the pic was shared to Facebook on Tuesday, the employee was soon flooded with thousands of comments praising him for his kind actions.

“Well done, Miles. You sound like a great human,” one said.

“Good job Miles, I hope that cheered up the boy, heartbreaking when people don’t turn up for the party,” another added.

“This is my biggest fear as a parent. So happy there was some what of a good ending to this,” a third wrote.

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The post quickly racked up more than 1,300 replies as users pleaded with Dominos to facilitate another party for the little boy.

“No kid should ever feel that kind of heartbreak” exclaimed one user.

Others, meanwhile, suggested that Miles should be recognised by the store for his efforts and granted a pay rise.

“Miles you absolute legend! Give this kid a raise. What seems like a small thing is actually such a massive act of kindness,” one comment read.

Dominos later issued a post on their feed, praising Miles for his attempts to cheer up the little boy and his family.

“Thank you Miles for going the extra ‘mile’ to help turn this customer’s day around,” it read.

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